Thursday, May 18, 2006

Refinance Stalkers

We're refinancing the house, so every mortgage company and their mother has been calling and leaving messages on the machine.  We must have had to weed through about 35 (or more) people.  Seriously, the companies get totally stalker-ish...LOL  I half expect them to come knock on my door or something.
So anyway, we finally picked one guy who gave us the best deal, and an appraiser came out yesterday. 
Jesse had called me at 2 and said 'The guy will be there at 3.'  WTH?!  You have never seen somebody clean so fast in your life...LOL  My house was a mess.
So, the guy comes in, the dogs are freaking out, we're grabbing any random dog part we can to keep them from lunging at the guy......and he's like 'Uhmmmmmmmm....'  LOL  Of course, they look tough.  Whether they would actually bite off an arm remains to be seen, but anyway, after we got the dogs put away, the guy looks at me and says 'You know, usually when I walk into a house, I can tell right off if they have animals, but your house smells really nice which is surprising since you have two big dogs!'  I thought that was a really nice compliment, but after he walked away with Jesse, Ryan and I got giggle-fits over how the house looked an hour before.  'Nice and fresh' wouldn't have been the right adjectives.  LOL  I Febreze'd.  I sprayed Fabuloso.  I mopped. I.....ok, you get the idea.....
So.....with that drama done, we're one step closer to moving.  I don't know if I'm filled with anticipation or dread at this point.....


  1. Quityurbitchin'....

    Ah, I didn't know what to say, I'm moody right now.

    See ya


  2. funny how you can clean so fast when you have to. That was a nice thing to say. I have one med. size dog and I swear no matter how clean my house is you could probably tell I have a dog.

  3. oh man!!!!!!!!! yup people alwasys aks me how my  hous e dont stink. .......... five dogs ya know my dogs dont stink than you very much lol Ohbut I can picture the chaos at your house.......... so funny. Cant wait to see you get to move to your new place and get a puppy right?????

  4. I think many of us have that way of getting the house to smell purty

  5. Got to love Fabreze! lol

    Much Love,

  6. could always cause that old guy on TV (who looks like a pedophile) to "lose another loan to Ditech"!  


  7. Amazing how Dogs can sniff out the nasty people in life! HA!

  8. We STILL get those refinance calls and we already refinanced!!  Not to mention the 10 pieces of mail we get every single day.  Drives me nuts!  They are worse than bill collectors.  Good job on getting your house smelling good, I know how hard that can be with animals.  LOL!
    Hugs and love,

  9. OMGawd.  We are going through the same thing!  Tons of mortgage companies calling us since we let it be known we are in the market to buy this house.  Stalkerish is right.  This one Dude just would not give up.  Unbelievable!  I hate moving, although if I got the word we were moving back to Colorado, I think I would just throw a few clothes in the car, my kids, my fur babies and tell hubby to hit the road!  Everybody else can have all my junk, lol!!!!!  Heee...........

    Love ya,


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