Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A conversation on their way back from Stonehenge

Ryan:  Dad!  How do you expect me to get a boyfriend when you're always saying 'CAN I HELP YOU?!' every time a guy says something to me?!
Dad:  OK, that's true, but I think it might help me a little if the guy talking to you wasn't drunk or stoned.
Ryan:  Yeah...but he was taller than me!  How many guys do you find that are taller than me?!  And he was cute!  And he had an accent!
Dad:  Um.  We're in England.  They all have accents.
Ryan:  ::sticks out tongue::


  1. All right, that's it.  Adopt me.  I like your family better than mine anyway.  And I'll trade places with Ryan, EVERYBODY is taller than me!  EVERYBODY!


  2. OH my gosh that is hilarious an accent lol yup some guy asked me and then Rachael as we left the  boat house the weekend before if we had a light. we both said no. todd carries alighter due to his work. So he was behind me and asked them if they needed a light and they said no thanks!!!!!!!! How funny is that????????

  3. So funny!  I especially like that dad is discouraging the male would be suitors!  Good for him, bad for Ryan!

  4. HAHA daddys lil girl!!! she will get used to it give her time ;)

  5. OMG, those two are hysterical!!!!  It must be so nice to have a Father/Daughter relationship that actually works!!  
    Hugs and love,

  6. That's what I hate about them foreign places -- they all gotta talk in weird accents.
    How tall is Ryan?


  7. tooooo cute!!!

    but she has a point -- several of them actually!

    but dads will be dads, what can ya do??

    I sympathize with you Ryan!  :-)))

  8. ROFL.  Got one for ya.  This new 15-year-old guy has recently moved to our neighborhood and has flung a craving on my daughter.  He came to see her.  Her big brother answered the door.  He went out and talked with the dude and dude said he would like to date C.  Brother said, "C is not allowed to date yet!!!!!!!!"
    Ummmm.......I don't think it is even gonna have to come down to Hubby and I as long as her big brother is around.  Hee..................Poor CJ!!!!!!  Poor Ryan!!!!!!

    Love ya,

  9. That was funny....enjoyed the chat...gotta love those accents!!


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