Monday, June 12, 2006

England - Week 1

Ryan and Jesse are feeling robbed.  It's been hot and sunshiney all the time they've been in England.  They packed mostly long sleeves.  Haaa....yeah, I feel so sorry for them.  Pfft. 

Anyway, they've been to London, Yorks, Cambridge, and...somewhere else that I forgot.  Ryan said she figured out where the cute boys are.  Cambridge.  WTH?!  Those are COLLEGE BOYS, Ryan!!!  heh heh....

All in all, they're having a fabulous time..... and I told them they HAD TO go to Stonehenge for Summer Solstice so they could touch the stones and see the sun rise.  Hopefully I get pictures of that.  Being Pagan, this is a big event....  maybe next year, I'll get to go, too..... 



  1. wow looks like they are having a wonderful time there. tell her stay away STEP BACK away from the boys!!!!!!!!! that door is wonrn but earthy

  2. I am pagan, have lived here since the year dot, and have never been to stonehenge. England is far bigger than you Yanks think.And, yes, we do have hot weather once in a while, and while it lasts I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cathy.  xxx

  3. awww...great pics! I wannna go!!!

  4. oh dont they look like they are suffering it

  5. WAAAAAAHHH!  I wanna be there!!!  I hear that London/Scotland has our weather and we are getting their rain and cold.  I don't mind it though, hate the heat.  That's why I always said I would move to Scotland, but not anymore if it will be HOT in the Summertime now.  LOL!  Looks like they are having a BLAST!  We love gargoyles here too!  And, Stonehenge?  WOW!  One day, one day I will get there!  Maybe I will be transported back in time.  One can only wish right?  ;)
    Hugs and love,

  6. Sad to say but they don't let you touch Stonehenge anymore.  You have to look at it from a fence.
    Glad they are having fun!

  7. Papi's looking good!  And, as always, Ryan is disgustingly gorgeous.  Lucky wench.


  8. Very cool, thanks for sharing.

  9. happy they're having a great time.

  10. Love the pics!  England is such a cool place.  C wants to live there!


  11. my alerts aren't working!  :-((((((    waaaaaaa!!!!

    so here i am catching up. and let me say -- wow.  I LOVE the english phone booth, I LOVE the sheep in the field, I LOVE the gargoyles!!!   Oh I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!  SO AWESOME!!!!  (did I say that word enough today?!  lol)


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