Monday, June 19, 2006

England - Week 2

Week 2 sees them punting in Cambridge, among other things....

Ryan:  Mom...our punter was CUTE!

(Jesse in the background "He looked like Justin Guarini!!")

Ryan:  DAD!!!!!!!  Mom...I'm SO going to college here!

Me:  Can I come, too?

Later, when I'm talking to Jesse, I said 'Did Ryan take his picture?'  Jesse said 'No, but I did when he wasn't looking.  I was sitting there and I just put the camera up behind me and took a picture.'  I'm quiet for a second and I start laughing hysterically.  'Everybody probably thought you were Rainman or something..' I said..



  1. I love picture number 4 that one just is very post card like. Your conversation is funny

  2. I want pictures!!!  :-(((((

    I'll come back later.  Hope to see them then.  ((((hugs))))

  3. We are having trouble with AOL today too.  I had a new entry with pics.  Gaaaawwwwd!  Will they ever get this stuff fixed??????? C went to S.C. and got some beautiful pics.  Her close friend Alli is moving there and I let her spend all last week with her there.  After seeing the pics, I am ready to move to S.C.  My Mom and Dad both have/had family there.  My Mom grew up in Georgetown.  We used to spend every summer vacation there when I was growing up.  Instead of Myrtle Beach, we always went to Pawley's Island.  It was heaven on earth I tell to the Rockies of course.......hee............

    Love ya, sista!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


  4. Warwick is only 30-40 mins drive from my place. They could have called in for a good old English cuppa. Welcome mat's always out in little abode. Take care.
    Sylvia xxx

  5. saw the pics!!!!  I want to go!!!  LOL

  6. oooooh I want to go.  Looks great!

  7. Hey, I didn't know you weren't supposed to take pics in the Cathedral!  I did in Scotland, LOTS of them!  LOL!  That's so funny about your hubby taking a picture BEHIND his back of this guy!  Can't wait to see how it came out!  LOL!  They look like they are having so much fun!!!  I wanna go too!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wanna room together in college??? ;)
    Hugs and love,

  8. AWESOME.  Absolutely AWESOME.

    You know I was thinking about that entry you posted a little while ago, where someone was criticizing your homeschooling abilities.  They REALLY need to SHUT UP, in my humble opinion, Because how many children (homeschooled or not) get to go to England???  This is such a wonderful educational enriching experience for them.  They will always remember!  God knows I WOULD.  

    You're doing a wonderful job with them, Amy.  An idiot could see that!    (((hugs)))

    I'm so glad you got the pics to work!!!  Really awesome!

  9. Tell Ryan I'm like SOOOOOO JEALOUS. I wanna go to England!!!

  10. great pictures, I hope everyone is having a great time. I want to go too.

  11. It took me a few seconds to remember that Ryan is a GIRL!!  I was imagining your son going on about a cute footballer!!  I'm slow.  And slightly buzzed.  Shut up!!


  12. Wonderful pictures! They sure are having a great time...I'm so happy for Ryan!

  13. Such beautiful photos...loved them happy for Ryan...hugs and love,


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