Monday, June 12, 2006

I can do it! (Or...a cat bath video)

Thanks to Lisa helping me with it......(I told you I would get it if you talked to me like I was 6!  LOL)...... I've got video!!

Now this is an older video from when we were bathing the cats, but still.....I can do it!  Yay, me!


  1. Awwwww, "it's that time of the year and it's been awhile".  How cute!!!!!!  Hubby is reasoning with a CAT!  OMG!  Thought I would pee my pants!!!!!!  HOORAY on you being able to put the video in!  Watch out family, here Momma comes!!!!  ;)
    Hugs and love,
    Lisa and Matthew who thinks your cat has the cutest meow  :)

  2. Oh, chi%t....I be gone long time, check in and it's still too funny..

    xoxoxo  E

  3. That was hilarious.  I do enjoy the fact that hubby was explaining to the cat why he was getting a bath!  Funny.
    Good job on the video thing.  You give me hope!

  4. With 16 yrs Dusty & I have it down to a science

    My suggestions:

    * Clip nails first if they still have them!

    * Try to start as a kitten because it is much easier if they get use to it.  

    * Get all supplies ready beforehand & without them noticing. They are clever & will be conditioned to know what is going to happen.

    * Use a laundry room deep sink if you can! With the depth & you being over them it is harder for them to attempt to get out.

    * If you have a stainless steel sink put a towel on the bottom. They slide all over without it & they get scared & they can break a leg or hip, especially older cats!

    * Cats react with it is cool water-body temp is normally 102! Dusty is 101 though. So make sure it is warm water. You will notice they will meow less.

    * Use sprayer but close to body...they do not like spraying water that is why we use squirt guns to change poor behavior. They also do not like the sound-like a dentist drill! HA!

    * I put a towel on the counter. I rinse & rinse & rinse, being a Nebelung his has a thick undercoat & then I put him on the towel on the counter & shampoo him there & massage him for quite some time with it. He then associates it with the massage. He gets 5 shampoos & 1 conditioners so he has even learned how to count & knows this is the last one! Ha!

    * Use Classical Music while bathing...or something cat likes. Mine loves music that is soothing & most of us do too to relax. Think of lovely bubble baths we like! :-)

    * Talk softly like you were...they love that. I tell him how much the female kitties will find him so sexy! HA!

    * Take towel & put over & pat dry. Absorb all the water you can.  Place in carrier & get a pitcher & prop my blow dryer handle in the pitcher & point toward the carrier to dry them.

    * Summer time make sure to bring the room temp up a bit, wet &

  5. Cut off my response? Word say the word count was way under...what is with AOL?

    Wet & "cold" is not good!

    Anyone have any other tips?

  6. Wash your cats or whatever .... just STAY SAFE during the approaching f*cking hurricane!  I've been tuning into the news just to see how much of a threat Alberto is to my favorite Florida gal and her tribe.  

    Aren't cats supposed to wash themselves??  Just askin'.


  7. now girl that cat is calm........... we would be being scratched not just meowed at. I love that video lol I tried using it for a video last night and it loaded and loaded and loaded and loaded about ten minutes. My new digi cam has Cam corder quality videos so it wont work. I can use AOL's video service but that is it I have been going to try another but I cant remmeber the name. I can email videos to people like I do when someone requsts on (arffer and the bottle and other stuff) but cant get it to load on photo bucket

  8. did you drug that cat???  As soon as my cats hear any water running, they go and hide!

  9. omg that cat is very good about it

  10. We would be scratched to pieces if we tried to bath anyone of ours!  Glad J is still in one piece, lol.



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