Monday, June 5, 2006

Let's up the dose of tranquilizers, eh?

There are few things that piss me off.

Sure, I bitch about the husbands' inability to open a chip bag from the top....

....or even the fact that nobody seems to be able to make that slam dunk into the laundry basket.....

But do things like that piss me off?  Nahhh.... I bitch because I like the sound of my own voice......


If you ever want to see me flamingly pissed.......

.....start 'quizzing' my kids after you find out they're homeschooled, and then belittle them for their choices in what they want to learn.


We'll leave it at - it's a good thing I can't afford tickets for me and the boys, or my butt would be on the next flight to join Jesse and Ryan.



  1. who had the rubber balls to do that?
    deflate them.

  2. oh man been there done that. OH MOMMA TIGER LIONESS JUMPS ON THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I never guestion parents. My friend homeschooled and her kids were so smart and well behaved.

  4. I find homeschooled children are WAY smarter than public school kids, and I have kids in public school!  LOL!  I wouldn't DARE "quiz" a homeschooler.  I can't even quiz a Kindergartener for God's sake since I wouldn't know the correct answers.  ;)
    Hugs and love,

  5. I am always amazed at people's reaction to homeschoolers.  We will start in the fall with my 5 year old.   People say the rudest things concerning our family's decisions.  I hope you gave them an earful!

  6. Now a days, schools are no longer a safe place for our children...If I had to do this all over again, with what I know now...and what I've personally experienced with my own children in public schools, I would home school them without a doubt in my mind...

  7. NO NO NO! You must teach yer man to respect the chips!!!  My spouse sometimes opens the wrong end, but he has the courtesy to finish the whole bag -- so I guess it's okay.  

    Big ol' Toon Hug,

  8. grrrrr

  9. aww geez...some people are plain ignoratn. tell 'em..tell 'em!
    I know someone, she used to be my neighbor, she homeschool her kids and I admire that. I think one have to have self-dicipline to homeschool. You obviously have that and your kids. Don't worry about other's lack of knowledge about homeschooled kids. I know they excel just as much as those who goes to school.
    I hear 'ya and I'm with 'ya.
    Gem :-)

  10. Every person I ever met that was negative about home schooling, had very little experience with it.  mary

  11. Gawd, I have gotten lecture after lecture for homeschooling.  Sadly, she will be returning to public school in the Fall and I am worried sick about it, but it is what she wants.  ::sigh::


  12. I'm home schooling my 5 yr old and have recieved the "roll of the eyes" or the typical "what about socialization" comments. I've seen how "well socialized" these kids are today, and my children do not need that "kind" of socialization. My SIL is truly a complete moron, she barely graduated and that was only after my husband's mother had to BEG the principal to let her. Granted my children would NEVER (ove my dead body) attend the school my husband went to (of course we'd never live in Ohio so it's a mute point)...anyways why would I send my children to schools that are just not producing. Our schools are some of the worst in the worst in the world, while children who are home schooled out test public and private schooled children. That speaks volumes. WE as their parents can make sure they get the education they NEED. No teacher who's dealing with 10-30 children is going to KNOW my child like I do. They're definately not going to know my child's learning style, what they really want to learn, what peaks their interest, etc.

    It's amazing how ignorant so many people are. It does take time to homeschool, but if a parent doesn't have time for their child's education they have no business being a parent!


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