Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A trip in pictures

Ooops.  I said I was coming back with more pictures, didn't I?!  I've developed a case of CRS.  I blame this effing constant sun that is sucking out my brain cells one by one.



  1. Jolly Old England!! Great pics, and it looks like a great time! Brings back a memory or two (I was stationed at Bentwaters RAF in Ipswich for 14 months)

  2. I wnat to come look thru again I love tehse pic but oculd do without jessie on the toilet. !!!!!!!!! LOL Hey got my ac fixed put pics of the wonderful guys who done it lol gosh I got a flash of that toilet flushing thank you girl!!!!!!!!

  3. You know how stuff never looks as good in a picture as when you are there in real life.  Well, if stuff looks even better in real life than in those pictures I couldn't take it!  It is too beautiful!  I want to go right now!

  4. It is so beautiful over there huh.
    I love the cathedrals.

  5. what wonderful pictures. Looks like they are having a great time.

  6. great pics!!!

  7. Okay, that's it, I am moving to England!!  Well there or Scotland, they pretty much look the same.  LOVED all the pictures!  Your daughter is GORGEOUS and your hubby is a hottie!!  :)
    Hugs and love,

  8. Those pictures were amazing!! It's so pretty who would have known? How come you didn't go? You're daughter is beautiful btw.
    Hugs, Marina

  9. Amy

    I am so jeouslous that they have went to so many places so far this summer
    they sure are very lucky. And what great pictures they have taken ! Beautiful !

    Hold on to them they will hold a speical place when Ryan has her own kids lol....
    I welcome to see any more pics the whole trip has been beautiful and fun to have followed where they have been. Hope you have a great but safe fourth of july!

    take care love ya your j-land buddy Sara

  10. Would it really piss you off if I admitted that I didn't make it through all the pics??  Do I get a pass for saying that Ryan is gorgeous?  Like her mom.


  11. your daughter is beautiful and very fortunate to have traveled where she did!!

  12. effing sun, u slay me sista!  Tee hee............

    I LOVED all the pics.  That was so sweet of Jesse to "take" you to Summer Solstice at Stonehenge.  What a sweetie.  I LOVE the pic of Ryan and Jesse in front of the pretty blue water.  Isn't the architecture in England awesome?????  I am going with ya when you go!!!!! ::wink::

    Thanks so much for sharing.  Great pics!  I will have to make sure C sees them.  Tell Ryan I said Thanks for being a friend to her.  C really likes Ryan a lot like I do you!  You pull me through the dark valleys lots of days.  I will always love ya fer it, too!


  13. absolutely incredible!  :-)))

  14. Awesome pics! England is where I would love to visit, after all I am 3/4 English.


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