Monday, July 10, 2006

My daughter - the comedienne

As I sat here at the computer this evening, enjoying my lemon cake....and going through my alerts....I came upon Ryan's journal entry along with pictures....The last of my trip

You all know that moment where you laugh and choke....or try to swallow, then laugh and choke?  I don't have many...because I'm quick to wit and can see jokes coming most times....but dammit if picture # 48's caption didn't make me almost need the Heimlich....::cackle::

It's moments like this I know she is truly my kid and not some kid that got switched at the hospital....


  1. I guess in #48 he was truely standing at attention LOL ???????????????????
    I lovet he sheep and where she says who knew there were mexicans here lol

  2. lol number 48 what a great picture.  I hope you didn't choke on your cake.

  3. Now you know why I don't read your emails/journal entries while I am eating/drinking, don't cha???? ;-)  OMG, I was rollin' on pic #48.  She is a chip off the old block.  Definitely inherited your sense of humor.  Tee hee...........

    Love ya,

  4. She IS hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!  I loved all her pics of their trip, and her captions were just as funny as yours are!!  You two are two peas in a pod that's for sure!  LOL!
    Hugs and love,

  5. Just the title of her journal is funny enough!  No need to go further.

  6. I hope you are gonna be ok ??????????
    I Love lemon cake, it is devine

  7. Hello friend. Just dropping in to say hello! Tammy

  8. So im guessing i should not order that suit for our next Holloween


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