Friday, July 7, 2006

Rain, a link, and my silly dog

It has been raining a lot lately here in Florida and I couldn't be happier.  I love the rain so much and get almost a sense of relief when the clouds cover up the sun.  When it finally starts raining?  Yep, I'm in heaven.
That being said, look at what I've been researching lately.  Click here 
Anyway, a couple days ago, we went and got some watermelon from a a truck...selling watermelons.    We got two, and when we got home, Jesse said we should cut one up, cubed for snacking.  Ryan volunteered to do it and then said 'I just hate trying to cut all the way thru it on the first cut though...' so I suggested she do it the way I did as a kid.  Yep....get a towel, lay it on the ground outside, and drop that watermelon.  LOL  She did it and said it was 'SO COOL!'....  it broke into three pieces.  Lean over, grab a piece, and there you are.  No knives required. 
So.  To the point I was meandering towards.  LOL  We've discovered that Gordo loves watermelon.  Now we knew that Paco loves tangerines, but this new discovery was amusing....
At first, he tries to act civilized.  He even has a fork......but then, his true personality comes out....
He's got to get every minute piece of melon there......
and finally......
"HeeeeeLLO?!  Empty bowl here!  Somebody hit me with a refill!!"  Of course, I didn't, because I know that too much watermelon does unpleasant things to the tummy and I don't want to clean up after him.  LOL


  1. ah man love those pics of GORDO better be careful with fruits though I did nto realze how bad htey are for dogs and my dog use to steal my tomatoes which is why we put up a fence around garden. I still have the ASPCA leter if you want it. peaches are deadly too. NOW girl you cant move to ENGLAND!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh I don't need to know about the move channel.  Help me!  Your dog is quite silly!

  3. we think Jenna is allergic to watermelon...we are a very sad family

  4. its funny that you mention your dog eating watermelon. My last girlfriend used to eat cat food when making the cat its dinner. Needless to say i didnt kiss her very much!! Her lips tasted like rabbits and tar!
    .......and when she ate catfood they tasted even worse! Ha ha ha
    A couple of points to remember about england, tuesday it was 95 degrees, wednesday we had 2 inches of rain in an hour and today its been about 70 degrees. We have wierd weather, oh and there is a drought order in affect in the south meaning no hosepipes allowed or you get sent to the tower of london...where you are locked up for 10 days.....and then beheaded!!!! ok so i exagerated.
    Thanks for leaving your link in my journal, i think ive been here as you look familiar. Ive added you to my fave list so i can pop back anytime.

  5. People here in Vegas love the rain too...I just can't get myself to like it and I really tried hard, but can't..

    With my watermelon I'm so anal about how it has to be cut and into bite sized pieces...and I eat watermelon all summer long, I just love it....I enjoyed seeing all your pictures from your previous entry...your family sure does have a lot of fun...your pictures are always my highlight when I visit here...I get such a good sense of your family and how happy you all are...just wonderful!

  6. lol I have never opened a watermelon like that. Sounds like fun to me. The dog sure looked like he enjoyed it.

  7. I love when you caption photos of your pets with what they would say if they could.  I just found out from my ma that people with bad kidneys can't eat watermelon because of something like phosphate or potassium or some shit.  How unfair is that??


  8. Love your pet pics.  I love animals they have such personality.  

  9. Love this story.  Made me remember my son and watermelons.  Check my journal for the story.

  10. Oh, I adore Goldies!  Our last two dogs before the Greyhounds were Goldies. You will never find  a sweeter animal on the face of the planet than a Golden Retriever.


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