Monday, July 31, 2006


This past weekend, I was out in 90 to 100 degree weather doing work on the house.  Ew.  That made for a very yucky Amy.

So, Sunday, as I was laying on the bed enjoying the fact that I was fresh out of the shower and the ceiling fan was on high.....I heard Ryan make a strangling noise.  She said our internet wasn't working.

No big, I thought.....we'd just reset it... so I had Jesse reset it and I was just going to wait til today to check my mail and stuff.

So, I went to sign on, only to get a big box telling me an AOL file was corrupt and that I would have to uninstall/reinstall, which I did.

and then?  A box came up saying 'Which phone numbers would you like to use?'

Uhhh.....what?  Phone numbers?  No, silly computer, you don't understand!  I have broadband!  Ha ha ha.....

Well.  The computer laughed along with me.  Then it asked which phone numbers I wanted to use.

Kill me now.  I'm on dial up.  When the <bleeping> cable company is going to have pity for me is anybody's guess.



  1. riverdaughter196July 31, 2006 at 3:04 PM

    Switch your aol connection from dial up to broadband.  The option should be available.  It's on the sign in page.

  2. switch it broad band connection I had to do that once OR rest your pc to a previous date. my broad band has been actign funny lately I think the other coutnries are trying to destroy us as you are not the firstr I haerd to complain. I thinktehy will drive us crazy by taking awy our intenet !!!! HIGHSPEED

  3. Over the past 2 days my pooter has been crashing all the time. I am on broadband as well. When I get reconnected all my history has been erased. Is it AOL or just random?
    Love,  Cathy.  xx

  4. ::sobbing with ya, sista::

    Love ya,

  5. Oh, that IS sad.

  6. omg thats sooo unfair , thats dreadfull, no  thats gastly...that sux!

  7. NEVER. They care nothing for you. It is obvious. Love ya.

  8. You poor thing.  Don't hold your breath!

  9. Awww, hopefully the cable company well be there ASAP. I mean this is an emergency.

  10. I'm currently sitting in the middle of nowhere, Nevada on DIAL UP too, and I'm wondering... given the choice between, say, having a microwave and having broadband, which would you choose?  I'll say, broadband all the way.  I can eat cold food, man....  ::giggle::

    Oh, you mean there's a stove-thingie that'll make the food hot?  Pfffft.  Nah.


  11. You poor thing!!!!!!!!!  Dialup?!?!  AAAGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!  Isn't there a way that AOL will find out which way to connect is better for you?  That's when they are supposed to find the broadband or modem.  Geez Louise!!!  And, ceiling fan?!??!  I hope you have an air conditioner woman!!!  I wouldn't be able to survive!
    Hugs and love,

  12. Feel for you - I'm on dial up and it's diabolical!
    Sylvia xx

  13. Sometimes I get that & I wait a few minutes & click my AOL icon again & it is ok. Says I should reload AOL...right! Ugh! Last resort I reboot my computer & it is ok.


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