Monday, July 24, 2006


I usually keep the squirrel feeder on my tree filled with raw peanuts or corn or whatever.... because I love squirrels.  They're just silly and fun to watch.

Since it's summer, I felt like they could fend for themselves.  Food aplenty here, especially in our yard.  We've got a zillion trees (oak trees) that they can get their lunch from.

But....a few days ago, I went see the (empty) squirrel feeder chewed up and thrown to the ground.  Now this thing was wood...and nailed to the tree!!

Clearly, I've pissed off my squirrels.  One (ok, I HOPE just one) has made its' residence above my closet ceiling.  Let's hope I haven't made him so mad, he's burrowing thru my house and I wake up one morning with a squirrel family dining on my kitchen table.

(This entry is void of cute squirrel pictures because my husband cannot make up his mind on a damn new camera.  JUST BUY ONE ALREADY DAMMIT!  ::SHRIEK::  Um.  I'm ok.)



  1. oh squirrels are nasty nasty when mad!!!

  2. Figures that you would get the squirrels with the anger management issues~Mary

  3. Squirrels eat the bird food I put out for the birds.  They are always getting in our attic and between the walls.  They can be very infuriating when they do that.  Ask Brandon about the squirrel story, hee......I do love to watch them.  I saw my first black squirrel while living in Colorado.  They are beautiful.

    And the lesson you have learned here?  Don't piss the squirrels off, they can seek revenge.  I know. :-)  I got stories.............

    Ummmm............glad u r ok.  ::snort::

    This is for Jesse:

    If I were you, Dude, I would pick out a camera SOON!  ::muffled giggling::

    Hang in there, Amy Lou.  Want me to get Don to build you a new squirrel feeder and mail it to ya? ;-)

    Hang in there girlfriend!

    Love ya,

  4. LOL.  At least they didn't put the feeder in the bed with you.  Yes they can be real pains.  Reminds me when broke into my car, ate my cookies, and shit all over the place.  ~ Mike

  5. Squirrels are so squirrelly.  What are you thinking about for a brand of camera?  I am not going to by another Kodak!  Piece of junk.

  6. I feed the squirrels even in the Spring/Summer.  Love to watch them!  I refuse to buy the bird feeders that have the guards so squirrels can't get to the food.  They don't care about the seeds, just the sunflower ones and maybe the corn that is in the seeds I buy.  I love watching them all work together out there.  It's like a little system they have.  We even have a bunny that eats the seed too now!  I hope your squirrel doesn't have a little family up there in your ceiling.  That would be a NIGHTMARE!
    Hugs and love,

  7. yes HUBBY get one I got to have pics. Hey Im going for the fuji z3 ro f 30 soon as hunny gets off his toosh its got the new pic tech in it. PLEASE squirrels dotn hurt amy or her family !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I dont think the pissed squirel will be on the table.
    I picture him and his buddys at the foot of your bed with thier arms folded

  9. well maybe next time you get a camera, one will be more careful with such a sensitive piece of equipment....hmmmm    Plus you know you love my procrastination!!! Does it not make things more exciting and worth while?

  10. omg you have made the squirrel/s mad. Hurry up and get a camera so we can see.

  11. My pa made me this awesome squirrel feeder years ago and gave me a bunch of dried corn ears to impale on the spike.  They tore that fucker down in a matter of days.  And then they went and destroyed my bird feeder (also handmade by Pa).  It's chaos around these here parts!!


  12. We have squirrels that will come up and eat out of our hands. They are so funny. If you come out on the porch without anything for them they stay about eight feet away and bitch at you, jerking their little tails very indignantly.


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