Wednesday, August 2, 2006

"Hey, Amy!" Part 1

Answers to those burning questions....yay!  Heh.... I'll do it in parts because y'all know how I like to yammer and it might make for a huge entry.  Questions are open anytime though, so if ya got questions, I got answers...

Questions from Lori

~Do you think you and Jesse will be married til death? My answer is yes.  This guy is my heart and soul.  Besides, he told me the other day that there's no way anybody else would want us.  We're both old and broken, so we were made for each other.  What a romancer he is, right?

~What would I do if he had an affair? Fair is fair, man.  I'm entitled to a hottie-boy then, too.  But, that's probably not what you were asking, right?  I think it'd depend on the reason for the affair.  In my opinion, there's physical and emotional affairs.  Physical affairs, I can forgive.  Emotional affairs?  Well, I have this big dirt pile out back....and if Jesse went missing....wait, I've said too much.

~What do you think of the upcoming JLand three year celebration? It's been three years?  I haven't even paid attention.  I'm just glad that people think what I have to say is interesting enough to come back and visit with me.  You guys really are the bestest.

~Do you feel your life has accomplished something that will change the world and if so, what?  Yes.  I think that everybody in their lives will do something that will make a difference for someone else, no matter how small.  Quite a few people have said to me that they are impressed with my patience, acceptance, and understanding.  Of course, I think back to when three kids are running through the house screaming at the top of their lungs and think 'Patience?  You've got to be kidding...' but since alot of people say it, then maybe it's true.  Do I think patience, acceptance, and understanding will change the world?  Absolutely.

~How often do you drink alcohol?  ::cacklechoke::  Alright, you've found me out.  Thereason I'm so giddy all the time isn't because I'm just's because I'm toasted.  Actually, not a half bad idea....hmm.. What?  Oh...the question....let's see...lately, I've been drinking wine coolers every night, but mainly because Jesse found a store that sells Cherry Fizz wine coolers from Seagrams, and they are the yummiest.  Buy them.  SO GOOD!  I don't like drinks where I can really taste a goodly WHAM of the liquor, we mix and taste stuff (Jesse and I) because we keep a fairly stocked liquor cabinet....

~Did you know that your son would be born with the problems he has and if you did, were you ever told to abort him?  When I became pregnant with Alex, we found out that I was pregnant with twins.  About 3-4 weeks into the pregnancy, I started spotting, and one of the twins spontaneously aborted.  They kept me on watch until it looked like the other peanut (Alex) was hanging on for dear life.  The doctors told me that the other peanut would absorb back into the placenta and that there should be no worries.  The rest of the pregnancy was pretty standard, I was as huge as a frickin' house.  When Alex was born, he was your typical baby.  It wasn't until about 6 months that I started thinking 'Hey, most babies can do _________ and mine can't.  This may not be right.'  Since then, he's gotten tests and PT and all that, but as of now, he's just Alex.  Mild MR, coordination delays (ok, maybe that's my fault....I am the SPAZ of the year, I tell you), but overall, he's just Alex.  Although, if we could get past his Rainman thing of repeating the same thing over and over, I would be glad.  The end of the question - was I told to abort him?  No.  Would I have aborted him if the doctors told me he would be the way he is?  No.  I fully support a womans' right to choose, and my choice would have been not to.  The joy he (as well as the other two) have brought me has been infinite.

~How soon will you be moving?  OK, Lori...are you in cahoots with my mother?  LOL  The intention (notice Ididn't say 'plan'.  We never make plans.  Plans always explode into teeny bits...) is...the beginning of October.  That's when Jesse comes up on his paid sick leave for the year, and then he'll put in his two weeks notice. 

The next set of questions comes from Traci

~How old were you when you got married?  We were both 18.  Neither of us could drink champage at our own reception...LOL

~What curriculum do you use?  I don't use any curriculum.  We are unschoolers, also known as Child-Led Learners.  Basically, we do what we damn well want.  LOL  Of course, the general assumption from other people is that we must lay around all day and drool, and that the kids will be 35 and not know how to add.  The reality is that since I don't make them do anything, they want to do things of their own accord, which makes their desire to learn even more pronounced.  You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink, so to speak.  In the past few months, Adrian expressed a desire to learn to read, so I got Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons.  We got half way through the book and he ditched it because he was already reading beginner books without me.  Had I forced the issue last year, he wouldn't have been ready OR willing.  Because he initiated it, he wanted to suceed for himself.  The same is true of the other beasties.  I don't think I could find another 16 year old that has the same education and knowledge that Ryan currently has. 

~What's your favorite color?  Burgundy.  Maroon.  It's the primary color in my house and my wardrobe.  After that, probably brown or olive green.

~Are you crafty?  What do you like to make?  I don't do crafts at all.  Mainly because I"m lazy and I just want the finished product.  LOL  Although, I DO love to decorate my house.  There is nothing more fun for me.  Of course, that involves a considerable bit more money than making crafts, but what are ya gonna do....

~Who was your first love?  My first dog, BooBoo.  He was a cockapoo and he was THE dog.  The dog to compare every other dog to.  The day he passed on broke my heart in a way that can never be repaired.  Jesse has accepted that he was my second love and is ok with it.  :)  He probably feels the same about BooBoo, too...

~How old were you when you had your first kiss?  5.  Kindergarten.  Michael Castelli.  I was a floozy from way back, man.  LOL

.......and there's the conclusion of Part 1.  More on 'Who is Amy, REALLY...'  hee hee...



  1. Love the answers!  I was going to ask a few of them but was too chicken.  Glad someone has some guts.

  2. Well your lucky I did not ask who your first sex partner was adn how many you had!!!!!!!!! arent you thank ful  I was nice yesterday.  NOW girl as far as yur alcoholic binges........ UM Share the love girl Now I got to see if I can find that stupid cherry fizz thing!!!!!! Yes I hate to take pics of th eTWO refridgerators I have with alcohol in them lol You know I had you peged as one who no matter what would not have aborted. Im that way too. I guess that is why Rachael works with special needs chidlren and loves that job. we have some in our fellowship who have them and you knwo what NOT  a service goes by that tey woudl not be missed dear sweet abbey for one who will not let a can of pop go past her without inspecting to make sure your tab went to her so she can give the tabs turned in for breast cancer. I agree an emotional affair is very hurtful. How come you and I thihnk alike!!!!!?!??!?!?!?!?!/ were we sisters in a past life????????? I cant remember Im toooold lol
    Now bout your mom........... I dont know her but I already like her. !!!!!!!! I will be so excited for you guys.

  3. glad to be getting to know you this way I think you're a cool person.
    Gem :-)

  4. Aren't adorable and special enough to have my questions moved to the front of the line??

    x and/or o,

  5. I just love your answers, can't wait to read more.

  6. Now why couldn't I think of something intelligient to ask?  Gawd my brain has been so fuzzy lately.  Great answers.  The one about Alex really touched my soul.  You are such a great Mom.


  7. Loved these answers!!!!  Thank you for doing this, I have learned a great deal about you without having to read back 3 years!  :)
    Hugs and love,


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