Thursday, August 3, 2006

'Hey, Amy!' Part 2

More answers to those burning questions!

This set of questions is from Lisa....

~When did you find your religion?  That's a tough one.  The majority of my life, I behaved a certain way.... that is to say, I always gave courtesy to any and all religions.  As a kid, I never attended church, and God was never a big part of anything, since my mom wasn't the religious sort.  When I got married, it was easier to get baptised as Catholic, because Jesse's family was Catholic and they were uneasy about their son marrying a non baptised heathen.  For years, I followed the Catholic traditions, until one day I just said 'Wait...what?  Why does that not sound right to me?'  so I just kind of floundered along doing the motions but not really believing it.  Then as I was reading this and that on the internet, I read something about Paganism.  Then I read more.  Then I met somebody who WAS Pagan....and her evilness steered me clear of Paganism, simply because I thought if that's what Paganism was all about, that business was NOT for me.  But the more I read, the more I realized I couldn't let one mean spirited person claiming to be Pagan influence my decision.  I have since come to the conclusion that anyone can claim anything but that doesn't make it true.  The basic principle of Wicca.  'An it harm none.'  meaning, do what you want, as long as you harm no one.  Whoa...dude!  The way I had been living my life had a name, and it was Wicca!  So now, I'm responsible to ME for what I do and don't do in my life, and don't answer to anyone but my own conscience.

~Was there something in your life that made you steer towards Wicca?   It was just basically a light bulb that went off in my thinking that how I thought and lived had a name....

~Is it true what they say about Latino men?  Are they really good in bed?  Now, obviously I can't answer for everyone, but in my are not going to hear me complain.  <g>  Y'all know I've only ever dated hispanic men?!  It's true.  Luckily for me, though, I bagged a winner....


From Marla....

~What is one thing in your life that you would change now if you could?  There are only a few things that I would change.  One would be that I wouldn't sign the paperwork from the Air Force to send us to Florida.  I also wish we would've traveled more when we were active duty.  We're trying to make up for it now though.... 

Next....questions from Russ.....

~In high school, did you ever suddenly decide to spell your name 'Ami'?  No.  I was far too concerned with boys.  They liked my name the way it was...who was I to argue.  LOL

~If Jesse got a free pass to cheat once with a female celebrity -- who would it be?  Janet Jackson - pre-herpes.  LOL

~Who would be yours?  Male.  (or so I'm assuming)  Justin Timberlake or LL Cool J.  They've both got potential to be....bad.  ::giggle::  But which chick would I consider?  Sandra Bullock.  She's hot, and she's not afraid to be less than perfect.

~How did you and Jesse meet?  Our first meeting was in geometry class.  I was madly in love with him.  He......was not so much in love with me.  See, I was one of the punk/grunge crowd.  Yeah, yeah, sweet little Amy, right?  Well, it's true.  He wave/preppy.  Ohhhhhhh but his hair.... curls....and his lips...::swoon::  I thought he was......::sigh::  and he thought I was......not.  Then, the next year...we took the same child care class.  Over the summer, I had downed my grunge and upped my prep, and suddenly, guess who was interested.  Yeah.  So, from junior year on, he was my babycakes... :)

~Ever walk out of a movie?  Which one?  Only one, because Ryan was a baby at the time and crying babies and movie theaters aren't a good combo.  Other than that, I never walk out of a movie, because when and if I go to one, I'm 80% sure I will like it.

and so ends this excerpt from 'Who is Amy, REALLY....'

Ta, lovies...... (questions are still being accepted.  What else have I got to do?!  *wink*)



  1. I really liked the question and answer about how Jesse and you met.  So, you only like spanish guys.  Velly Intelesting....................

    Love ya!

  2. Oh, high school sweethearts!  How sweet.  So glad it has worked out.
    Is Jessie getting out of the Army soon?  What is your number one pick for a country to travel to?  Oh wait, besides England.

  3. How many open wine coolers have to be lying around before you answer these personal questions about yourself ;']?

  4. Oh amy I loveto hear you talk about your love and jessie its so refreshing. And yeah I know about the lightbulb and hey this life dont fit and heck I dont fit anywhere lol
    share some grunge pics of you girl !!!!!!!!

  5. LL cool j can walk on my grass

  6. Oh, I loved this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. What state would you live in, if you had open choice.  Money is no object, work is no object, and the house of your dreams could be there?

  8. If you had to name only one quality that you love the most in each of your kids what would they be? What was the first thing you noticed about Jesse?If you could move to any state or coutry where would it be and money wasnt a issue? and if you had a million dollars what would be the first 5 things you would buy with the money?


  9. When I was 15, I suddenly decided to spell my name "RUS".  It didn't last long.  Somewhere in my parents' basement is a photo of Jane Curtain which is autographed "Hi, Rus!".  I am so ashamed.  


  10. aww so you and jesse have been together a long time. I love your answers. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks for answering my questions!  Same thing happened to me when I found Wicca.  I was getting my son babtized and they said "You were born in sin", etc., etc., and I said "WHAT?!?!  What did my child do to be born in sin?  We are married, WTF?!" and that turned me away from being a Catholic.  I then lumbered like you until I found Wicca and it made SENSE.  That's what religion should be, something that makes sense to you and one that you can fully embrace.  I have found some of those negative Pagan's in my life and they are bad news!  They abuse the entire religion of Wicca and give us a bad name.  I cannot believe you and Jesse have been together so long!  WOW!!  And, I will be sure to tell Bethany about Latino men, but not until she is about 4 years older (she loves Latino men, especially Antonio Bandares!).  LOL!
    Hugs and love,

  12. I, too, would have an affair with Sandra Bullock!  Great taste!  Gina


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