Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Birthday fun

Have you ever typed out an entry....went to minimize something...and then clicked X by accident?


It was a long entry, too.

::sigh::  We'll have another go at this.

First......I'm getting lazy with my entries, aren't I?! day I was lazy.  Then i was lazy again.  Then, I had a headache and stayed in bed.  Then, Jesse stayed home so I hung out with him.  Then, I....oh, nevermind.  Excuses, Excuses, right?

Today, though, Jesse took off work so we could celebrate Alex's birthday.  Everything was great til after we left Chuck E Cheese, and then Alex had a vomit thing going on.  Ew?  Indeed, ew.  But, after we got home, he rested.....and was able to wake up feeling like having some cake. 

Anyway, there's video, pictures, etc.........

<video will go here when the stupid upload will finally work.  Check back later>

Oh....  It's 12:30 and I'm STARVING..... who wants to come have a snack with me.  I made brownies!



  1. I say the family knows how to party.

  2. I can never remember what I had in the entry that got xd either.

  3. yum yum Brownies wish I had been up but Aunt flo is here and Im out of zone but brownies sounds good you know. yes I have done that stupid control thing and eraseed out a whole entry. wow Alex is tall veyr tall. yup he took home a crap load of stuff for sure. can I come play????????? love the red hair and your baby ah man she is going to be rotten like arthur. !!!!!!! you and jessie together are great in tha tseat looks so cute !!!!!!! Sorry Alex is sick man must been too much partying. what you doing to your dinning room but love that wall wood. and is that a glass door knob in that one pic of the familia at the table????????  YES please put in a video and if you need any help let me know . ALSO let me know when the video is in

  4. Yes, I've accidentally clicked the X before; usually it's one of my best entries, too.  One of those where I said everything just right.  

  5. Yeah i click x a lot. I swear I'm an idiot .I've been lazy too just the blahs. Ya know?
    Happy Belated Birthday Alex!! That cake looks soooooooo good
    Love the red hair too
    big hug, Marina

  6. they need to move that stupid X!!!!  LOL

  7. Looks like fun!  Sorry Alex got sick though!  Great pictures of your beautiful family, dogs included!

  8. love the pictures. Looks like everyone had a good time. Yep I have done thing's with that x too. LOL.

  9. BROWNIES!  You know how I love chocolate!  Looks like Alex had a great birthday in spite of getting sick.  Poor Guy!  The photos are great.  Love Ryan's red hair.  Carrie's is purple now.  Hee...................I think I will do booger green, how does that sound? ::snort::

    Love ya, sista!~


  10. Happy birthday to Alex.
    What sort of food do they serve and a chuck e cheese place then. is it all cheese?
    Cheese Tea? Cheese Coffee? Cheesy chocolate?
    Are the chairs and tables made of cheese?
    Is the toilet paper slices of cheese?
    Are the carpets cheese?
    windows....are they cheese?
    Whos chuck e cheese anyway?
    What sort of mother names their son chuck e cheese?
    What does the "e" stand for?
    Why am i asking so many questions?
    i dont know, do you?
    Well do ya?

    i need to lie down.

  11. Your children are just beautiful!  And to see your daughter with Alex's head on her lap just almost made me cry.  She is going to be a wonderful Momma one day.  You are doing a great job raising those kids Amy, don't let anyone else tell you different (I DARE them too in fact!  LOL!).  Happy Birthday Sweet Alex!!!!
    Hugs and love,
    Lisa who also loves the new pics of YOU!!!  HOORAY!

  12. Brownies? yummmmmm......pass those chocolate wonders already! <giggle>

  13. Opps, forgot to say I Loved the pics! And happy Birthday to Alex again <you got my sidetracked when you said brownies!>
    ((((LOVE & HUGS))))


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