Friday, August 4, 2006

Part 3...dun dun dunnnnnn

More answers!  Yay!  I bet you guys are all waiting with bated breath for this entry!

::crickets chirping::



the other Lori asks....

~How old were you when you started getting migraines?  I was in 8th grade when they started.  That'd make meeeeeee......13ish?  They seem to run in my family.  My grandma got them, as well as my mom, and now my daughter.  It sucks.  Very very much.  Initially, the doctors did all kinds of tests and biofeedback and all that crap, and they ended up giving me Inderal and Sinequan (yes, the blood pressure meds) to help control them.  Can't say that they worked that well, but whatever....

~How do they affect you (headache, nausea, blind spots, zig-zag lines, etc)?  They ALWAYS start out the same, which is a good thing because I can recognize what's coming and head it off before it gets too far gone.  First I start to get blind spots, sometimes in one eye, sometimes in both.  I have actually had my vision go out totally several times, which wasn't the most fun I've ever had, but since I never change my furniture around, I haven't tripped on anything (yet?).

~What can trigger them?  I wish I knew.  Anything can.  Cold hands, bright sun, the fact that the sky is blue....yeah, you get my drift.  Hee....

~How do they affect you mentally?  By now, it doesn't really affect me much because they are so infrequent.  When I was getting them twice a week, it was very draining.  The fact that I had no control over them was even worse.  As long as I am able to notice the migraine coming, and go take a nap in a dark the time I wake up, the migraine is gone and all that's left is a residual soreness or tenderness....but that goes away in a few hours.  One time, though, I had a migraine lasting a week.  Yeah, I was praying for death or intravenous morphine.  Either would have sufficed.

From the ever-charming Brain 

~If you were an assassin, what would your weapon of choice be?  Thinking on it, I would go for a tranquilzer gun with something lethal in the dart.  It's quiet, doesn't draw attention, and isn't as traceable as a bullet or the like.  Haaa....I've clearly given this some thought, no?

~Who is your least favourite celebrity and why?  I have a couple that I dislike.  Off the top of my head...Jessica Simpson.  She's dense, and her relationship with her father creeps the hell out of me.  What father brags about his daughters' hooters, for pitys' sake?!  Then there's Lindsay Lohan.  We all know why she's not a favorite.  Gyahhh...  I used to like her and then she got all.......icky.   Very....very....icky.

~Do your farts smell?  What farts?  I never fart!  The dog is the one who farts!  He's always by my side, so...yeah...HE farts.  Not me.  Hee....  I've never been known to kill anyone from the fumes, but if you hear me saying 'Uhhhhh...nobody come in this room, ok?'  you just may want to listen.

~Have you ever eaten squirrel?  I wasn't raised in any of those states.  Additionally, I've always lived very close to a supermarket and have luckily had the money to buy my meat shrink wrapped in little styrofoam trays.  Ignorance IS bliss in this case.  Heh....

~What's the worst thing you've ever eaten?  I had to ask the husband about this one.  He said 'Woman, you eat anything.' know...isn't really true.  I won't eat escargot.  I haven't tried it, but I don't plan to.  But, for the most part, I am hard pressed to remember a nasty food..... Are you planning to cook me some lamb with mint?  *wink*  I'm worth the price!  Hee hee...

~Do you smell your husbands' socks?  No.  Never.  If you know what's good for you, you won't either.  *I* just pick up what's on the floor and wash it...regardless if it's clean or dirty.  Now, Jesse.....will smell his own socks if he's not sure if they're clean or not.  I usually shake my head and leave the room to give him some alone time with his socks....

~Snoopy or Garfield?  Snoopy.  Garfield is much too big for his britches and he's not as funny as he thinks.  Now, I love cats as much as the next crazy cat lady, but when forced to choose between a dog who just wants a cuddle, and a cat who insults your cooking, I'm going to have to go with the dog.

~How exactly was 'Captain Caveman' a Captain?  Was he in the Army or something?  Just like colleges bestow honorary titles or diplomas to celebrities, this was the case of Captain Caveman.  He was just a regular guy with a creepy fetish that became public....and when the newspapers give you a nickname, you never really get rid of it.  Take Wacko Jacko, for example.  No, really.  Take him.  Anywhere.  Antarctica would be fine.

~If you could live any place, where would that be?  England is my first choice, followed by Ireland.

~Have you ever had to 'do toilets' in a public place?  I'm taking a wild guess that you're not asking if I've used a porta-loo.  Have I done my thing in the Great Wilderness?  No.  I can hold it for hours.  Hours, I tell you. long as I haven't had three cups of coffee that morning.  Otherwise, I may be in trouble.

~Who framed Roger Rabbit?  Judge Doom...although, I would've never guessed it until he got run over by that steam roller.....

~If you could choose a new name for yourself, what would it be?  Something a little less 'cute' and 'cheerleader-esque'.  I mean, come on now...Amy?  I might as well be a little rabbit hopping through the meadow.  Something a little dark, I'd think?  Would you like to rename me?!  ::giggle::  (and if somebody emails me the 'What's Your Stripper Name?!' from Blogthings, I'm going to die laughing...)

~How old am I?  33.    Not like I went all stalker on you or anything, but I may have hit 'View Archives' a couple weeks ago...  Hee...

::cough::  I'm a dork.  We're over it, yes?



  1. LMAO, I loved your answers and were cracking up. Brian sure ask some great questions. Now for the weapon are you sure you didn't put a lot of time thinking about it. LOL.  Thanks, I loved reading all your answers.

  2. Great answers!  Your migraines sound a lot like mine, only worse!  I started getting them at age 6, but I don't get them too often anymore.

  3. It's so cool to find out more about you, cheerleader girl!  Even I wouldn't have thought to ask the sock-sniffing question.  (shudder)


  4. cool answers although i really think you just didnt want to gross anyone out about the sock sniffing. i bet you do it really!

    new names for amy = Bob, douglas, daisy, pansy-ann, Mistress Domination, Apron-boobs-face, Magnum, Donna-kebab, wendy, Blaze, Fire, Lilly, Dave, Susan-sausage pants, Spice, Joyce, Huggers, Dorothy, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz <---thats not a name, im getting bored, although zzzzzzzzzzzzz would be quite a cool name. Or Yawn. Yawn's a good name. Or maybe Arrz because that sounds a bit like arse! not that you are an arse or anything it would just be funny if someone said "hi, whats your name?" and you say "Arrz" and they say "Well no need to be rude" and then get all pissy and maybe a little angry and then maybe start a fight with you and you get out your tranquilizer gun and do 'em in!

    ok so i think i need to have a cup of tea

  5. Hey you could have a porn film with you name so count your blessings! HA! Well, maybe at times that can work in your favor! ;-)

    Great answers! Have you ever tried Tai Chi or Qi Gong? I started Tai Chi for Wellness about 7 yrs ago. I haven't been able to do it much with my foot problems for the last couple of years but that year I started I hadn't had a migraine for a year! Only thing different was the Tai Chi (actually it is a combo of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga & Meditation). I didn't go for 2 weeks & bam migraine! Hmmm? Now I'm getting muscle tension headaches for the first time in my life UGH! I think I prefer the migraines I use to have. I know how to deal with those.

  6. love your answers and I never like jessica from the start. It use to bugg the girls and now they hate her too. YUP My farts dont smeel cuase I dont fart.

  7. I sweah you slay me dahhhlin' with yo lil ol' answers.  I got a stripper name for me. how 'bout Flatchesta.  Heee.........heeee..........heee...........okay, I am going to get me some lemonade now.

    Love ya!



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