Monday, August 7, 2006

Q & A ~ The finale?

I am dying a slow heat related death.  ::cries::  I hate Florida.

Anyway, enough about my whining because if I continue, I might never stop.

Our Q & A session today.....and I think this is the last of the questions....  Even so, if there's something else y'all wanna know.... ask away....

My gurl, Rachel asks.... ~What state would you live in, if you had open choice?  Money is no object, work is no object, and the house of your dreams could be there.  This is the hardest question I've gotten.  The other answers just flew out of my brain, but in thinking about this one....I'm there 'Well, this state is nice...oh, but nevermind, they have _______.'  ' about...wait, no...'  So I have to eliminate states....I'm eliminating most of the south.  The heat is not my friend.  I love cool weather.  Hmm...Michigan, maybe?  Wisconsin?  (ooo..cheese!)  Upstate New York, I'd consider.  Washington, maybe.....'cause I LOVE rain.  Oregon, too.  Hmm...Oregon.... ok, wait, the homeschooling laws are no object too, right?  If the homeschooling laws are an object, I'll pick Alaska.  If they're not, I.........umm...... I gotta go on vacation to each place first.  LOL  You wanna come with, Rach?!

The lovely Mary asks "How many open wine coolers have to be laying around before you answer these personal questions about yourself?"  Haaaaa.....I don't need any wine coolers to talk about myself!  I'm just self absorbed and vain like that.  ::giggle::  Although, let's have some wine coolers just for the hell of it, yes?  I'll break out the Reisling Eiswein the man brought back from Germany for you 'cause I don't think you'd like the coolers as much as you'd like that wine.  Good stuff, it is....

Traci is a repeat questioner...(yay, Traci!  ::applause::) and she says..... "Is Jesse getting out of the Army soon?"  ::Amy faints::  Traci.....Traci....Traci..... <g>  See...ok...the thing about this question is.........that the Air Force people are a snobby bunch.  A goodly majority will (good naturedly) tease any other branches of the military mercilessly.  Take, for example, the Marines.  They had their names insignias, at one time, on their pants.  We had a Marine guy living by us at one time, and the joke always was....'Yeah, they put that name tag back there so they know what to call you when they're', this is a family show.  Skip that.  LOL  Is the man getting out of the Air Force soon..........he has about 5 more years to retire.  He's shooting for Master Sgt. or Chief Master Sgt, rank-wise, so the retirement check will be a decent one.

Traci also asks........What is your number one pick for a country to travel to?  Besides England.  This is a hard question, too....mainly because I would love to travel almost anywhere.  I guess if I got a one time free vacation, I'd pick......ummmm.....I...........Ireland?  Scotland?  (ooooo Scottish accents!  ::swoon::)  or what, I know for sure I'm not going to be excited about a trip to Taiwan or China or the general vicinity.....because I'd be freaking out about what exactly I was eating....

Another Tracy - aka Pink Ducky asks....If you had to name only one quality that you love the most in each of your kids, what would they be?  Another 'thinking question'?!  Hee....  ::Amy goes and gets a 2nd cup of coffee:: lovely Ryan....was such a shy child, and she has blossomed into this almost-outgoing young lady.  The thing I love about her is her new found fearlessness and confidence.  She mastered the London Underground in one day, for goodness sake!  Me?  I would've been standing on the platform crying til some stranger took pity on me and put me on the train. READY to see what the world has to offer.  :)  Now for Alex.  My sweet, silly Alex.  The thing I love most about Alex is that he can laugh at anything.  When we watch a movie and we know there is a part that will crack him up, we call him in, and he will see what part it is and go running because he knows he will laugh til he can't breathe and that makes us laugh.  That squirrel in Ice Age?  Cracks.  Him.  Up.  Hee....  he makes us all laugh....  and last born baby.  He is sweet, pure, and innocent.  He doesn't understand why people would EVER be mean.  He wears his heart on his sleeve.  He's sensitive and compassionate.  He is a nurturer.  I know he will never lose that.

Tracy also asks What was the first thing you noticed about Jesse?  His hair.  Amazing fabulous curls.... and then he joined the Air Force and they shaved him bald. 

Another one from Tracy is.... If you could move to any state or country, where would it be (and money wasn't an issue)?   First, if anybody wants to give me enough money to make it a non-issue, I'd be open to accepting.  ROFL  I'm going with England.  What's not to love...they speak English, they have sheep, and they have tea in the afternoon just to curb the hunger.  Hell, yeah.  Although, I'd be okay with them making the driving lane on the right like it is everywhere else!  LOL 

If you had a million dollars, what would be the first 5 things you would buy with the money?  First, a house with aLOT of land.  Then, bonds for each of the kids so they will have money as they become adults.  3rd, vehicles for me, Jesse, and Ryan.  4th, furniture........ohhhhh lovely lovely furniture...... and then finally, a couple pets.  That ought to take care of the million.  D'you think maybe I could get more than just ONE million?  No?  Hmm....

and so ends the Q & A.  We return you to your regularly scheduled heatwave, followed by horrific thunderstorms.

Oh.  and because I feel the need to brag about my kid......LOL.....Ryan made a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing......from scratch.  I've realized you CAN buy love, and it is in a container of cocoa powder.


  1. Oh, my sides hurt!  I'm laughing over here.  Sorry, didn't realize Jesse was in the Air Force, my appologies!!
    I am joining you in that heat related death.  In fact, I did get heat exhaustion yesterday.  Oh joy.
    Oregon and Washington rock!  My folks live in Washington just north of Portland Oregon.  I lived in Oregon for 5 years.  Good amount of hsers too.

  2. Ryan made chocolate and you didn't send me any?  ::sigh::  It is hot as hades here too.  I am ready to go back to you-know-where.  My Mom has forbidden me to say it, she says it is a dirty word, lol.  Great answers again and again, I love your sense of humor.  You rock!!!!! :-)


  3. I have Reisling in the fridge ;'] Love ya ~~Mary

  4. well its 100 here no rain isight and havent had any grass is dead!!!!!! Love reading these answers

  5. The heat wave here is expected to last AT LEAST ten more days.  Alaska would be okay if not for that six months of daylight thing.  I saw "Insomnia".


  6. thanks for the wonderful answers. Loved them.

  7. I love the answers.  Some of those questions were *tough* too.  Good job, my friend.

  8. come to Kentucky. We have great homeschooling laws (notification check up) and you could homeschool with us.


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