Tuesday, August 8, 2006

::sigh:: ::whine::


::sigh::  I want one.  I just don't want to have to sell blood or a kidney to get one.



  1. That would be Blood & a Kidney ;']  ~~Mary

  2. That is what Carrie wants too.  :-)  She has been beggin' forever.  I told her we were not born with a silver spoon in our mouths.  ::sigh::

    I will help you all I can.  I want you to have one too cuz you want one.

    Me?  I want Patrick Swayze.  Think you could convince Lisa to give him up?

    Darn...........the good book says, "Thou shalt not covet."  ::siiiigggghhh::

    Love ya,


  3. check out the yorkie rescuse online they are much cheaper than breeders

  4. omg I do too , I was just telling my sister.

  5. I could have had a pool this year but instead we bought a Chihuahua. My daughter wanted it so bad but who is taking care of him, ME!  Hugs, Detje Bea

  6. I agree with the check the rescue sites advice.  They are sweet.

  7. Oh, I gots me one of them Yorkies -- and don't let the looks fool you!  Bebe went through two families before I rescued her from the pound.  They are a friggin' handful (and by 'friggin', I mean 'fucking!').  They tend to forget what they've learned about potty-training.  They don't like competition from other pets and they friggin' bark A LOT.  And by 'friggin' I mean...well, you get it by now.

    On the plus side -- they are excellent watchdogs.  Not one detail escapes them.  They are easy to travel with and they....uh....that's all I got.

    Many people buy this breed and can't handle them which is why they end up in shelters so often.  Their teeth get very nasty over time and it costs upwards of 200 bucks to get them surgically cleaned.  They develop back problems and collapsed trachaes also.  Have I harshed your Yorkie buzz yet?

    Oh hell.  Go get one.  


  8. Dogs smell.
    Get a lamb. When it gets too big hit it over the head with a baseball bat and then chuck it on the BBQ!

  9. They are like having a constant 2 year old in your home for over 10 years.  You sure you want one?!??!  
    Hugs and love,

  10. If you're determined, petfinder.com.  You can look up whatever animal you want and find it in a rescue (for free - or cheap)

  11. Go to a Yorkie rescue...you will be able to get one. When David was in pharmacy school we were SO POOR (made seven thousand dollars one year)....and we wanted a purebred Golden Retriever. We got The Perfect Dog from a rescue for forty dollars---the best forty I ever spent...

  12. My sil Lisa has a yorkie name Chloe Bella....she is beautiful! I want one too but I like my organs too, lol.


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