Monday, September 18, 2006

2 Words

Because doing this tag (stolen from Russ) helps me not talk about the goings-on at my house.....
Type the first 2 words that come into your can only type 2 less.

1. yourself:  tired  numb

2. your husband:   asleep  tired

3. your hair:  needs  washing

4. your mother:   needs help

5. your father:  sits  waiting

6. your favorite items:  computer TV

7. your dream last night:   Nick  Lachey

8. your favorite drink:  Diet  Coke

9. your car:   isn't  MINE

10. the room you are in:  front  room

11. your ex boyfriend/girlfriend:   lost  out

12. your fear:   sad   forever

13. where you want to be in 10 years:    happy  England

14. what you're not:   normal  mean

15. your best friends:   love  ME

16. one of your wish list items:   safe  family

17. the last thing you did:   petted  dogs

18. what are you wearing:   Tshirt skirt

19. your favorite weather:   lightning  rain

20. your favorite zoo animals?   elephant  chimp

21. your thought for the day?    Tranquilizers  Rule

22. your favorite book:  don't know

23. last thing you ate:   barbecued ribs

24. your life:   slow motion

26. your body:   needs exercise

27. what are you thinking about right now:   being cheerful

28. your crush:   Mario Lopez

29. what are you doing at the moment:   thinking  zoning

30. your fall schedule:  what schedule?

The End.

Not to worry....the drama at my house involves water pipes, no hot water, a wet vac, and alot of cursing.


  1. Yeah, sweetie, your best friends do love YOU!  

    So, when's the journal entry about the Nick Lachey dream?  HMMM???  *wink wink nudge nudge*


  2. Hey, sad forever?  what about wine coolers & sex?  where is that cute husband ;']?

  3. Oh I hate plumbing problems!  Hope you get all fixed soon!

  4. Ugggh, plumbing nightmares!  Nick Lachey huh?  YUMMY!  Just want to bite that bottom lip!
    Hugs and love,

  5. Oh my gosh we came home one time with the water heater all over the fllor it is a mess nad it happend on a holiday weekend would you not know that!!!!!!!!!!
    yes petting my dogs would probably the last things I have done usually whether I want to or not they are alwasy pushing a head under my hand lol

  6. You had me worried.  I'm glad it is a pipe and not something wrong with a kid or something.  Not glad it happened at all, however!  Yuck.  

  7. U stole from Russ?  I stole from you.  Hee.............



  8. LOl on number 21. Thanks for the answers, love them.

  9. What the heck is an Elephant chimp?
    What sort of zoo is that?
    The Florida state Gene splicing Zoo!
    Thats one scary monkey.
    God knows what parts are elephant!!!

  10. Currently my two words:

    I'm Sick!

  11. Currently my two words:

    I'm Sick!


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