Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Lone Lime and other yammering

I did next to nothing today, besides tending to the dog.  Still using the peas, there...heh.... the afternoon wore on, Adrian wanted to go out and jump on the trampoline, so I went out with him...and brought along my camera....  I got a few pretty shots of the lake and various weedage.....along with something that will make Jesse so proud.  A lime....on his beloved tree.  This tree gives off two limes per year or something.  It won't grow.  It's as stubborn as a jackass.  So...this one lime will make his day.  Considering that he's been working his butt off for the past few days on overtime plus coming home and doing work on the floor to try and get the hot water back up and runnng, he needs a little joy.


Heh.....ok, we're done with that.  LOL

I added a few random pictures of stuff in my yard just for no reason....

Oh....and just for your enjoyment...... Adrian says to me "AAAAAAAAAAA those bloodsucking things are getting meeeeeeeeeee...."

" mean mosquitos?"

"Mosquitos?  Yeah...ok....."

OK...what?  This kid can remember some obscure Japanese names from some anime show 5 months ago, but he blanks out on 'mosquito'?  Crimeny, kid...we live in Florida!  Home of Mosquitoville!!  ::sigh::  He's a special one, that kid is.... 


  1. Sophie gets the bed to herself because the other two are skeered of her girl-cooties... hahahahaaa...


  2. ah man love those doggies Gordo seems okay i guess????? w ehad prayer again today I bet GOD is lauging at us lol
    I lov eyour yard I love magnolicas. UM TELL JESSIE your sending me that lime I liove them in my margaritas lol I love that foutian you lucky girl. Hey if you want to get OUT of your work could you guys come up and help me put in pergo in my kitchen and hall way??????? and a range hood fan?????????  and bring me some of those cherry fizz when you come up please?????????

  3. he looks so cute sleeping on that gold pillow

  4. Do you have the view of the lake from your yard?  If so, that is so cool.  What a great view.  Adrian and fur babies are adorable.  I am so proud for Jessie.  We have a pomegranate tree.  Waiting on em to get ripe.  I love em.

    Love ya,


  5. That lime is lookin' good!!  Do you have any coconuts to go with it?  If you don't get that reference, email me.  LOL!  My kids want a trampoline too but I am not giving in.  I don't need trips to the ER thank you very much and my kids would end up hurting themselves for sure.  My 10 year old is convinced he got the West Nile Virus because he was bit by a "blood sucking thing" the other day.  LOL!
    Hugs and love,

  6. that poor lonely lime.....

  7. Break out the Corona!!!  Yeeee ha!

  8. Can i come and live in your backyard?
    It looks stunning.
    I dont take up much room!

  9. The Lone sounds like a great name for a Blog...or a trendy sort of bar...

    love, Kas

  10. Slice up one of those sad limes, make gin and tonics, get yer man drunk and get freaky!!  (that's my solution to everything).

    Major loving hugs,


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