Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Only happens to me and other randomness

Yesterday was a busy day.... of course, Sunday, we did absolutely nothing except lay around in bed all day.  Anyway, we needed to do some shopping.  I needed a new comforter, so did Alex, and then there were other random things that weren't really necessary, but whatever....lol.  Hot Topic is having 50% all their clearance stuff.  Yeah, baby.  I got a shirt for me...Ryan got some stuff....blah blah blah....

After we finished at the mall, we went to WalMart.  There we are....looking for some eye cream and other lotions and stuff, and we hear the Storm From Hell.  It's cool...because I'm thinking 'Eh...such are storms in Florida.  It'll be over soon.'  Then I think 'Gee, Amy, you shouldn't have had that jumbo sno-cone....your bladder is not happy with you right now....' so off to the bathroom I went.  No sooner did I walk into a stall, lock the door, and *click* the power went off.  Nice.  I'm in a cavernous public bathroom in the dark.  A couple seconds later, the lights come back on, so I go about my business and then.....this little girl walks in....and I can hear her checking the other bathrooms....and then she knocks on mine and says 'Excuse me...I have to go to the bathroom really bad but the other bathrooms are messy!!'  I'm like 'Uhhhhhhh...surely she doesn't think I'm going to come flying out of this one so she can pee?'  hahahahaha....good grief.  Sooo.....I said 'Um....see if you can flush one of the toilets then, honey!'  I'm thinking 'only to me.....this stuff happens...'  She flushes and all is well.  ::sigh::  I come out of the bathroom and the store is in a tizzy!  Oh no!  Power went off for a milli-second!  @@  After we pay for our stuff....this guy (who was stalking me and Ryan) is there with his kids next to us talking loud and obnoxiously....standing at the door....looking at the pouring down rain.  I looked at Jesse and Ryan and said 'I would rather chance it to get hit by lightning and get soaking wet than stand here another minute. 

The moral of the story?  WalMart has ties with the Devil.


  1. You didn't already KNOW that WalMart has ties to Satan????  Pfft.  Ask anybody...

    Happy pseudo-Monday.  All the napping pictures are makin' me sleeeepy.  (OK, fine, I was sleepy before.  So what.)


  2. ah did you get that comfortor set at walmart ??????? I really think that is one I saw on sale and debated on as it is thick like tapestry and heavey to deal with my dogs when I saw tihs one that matches my rugs I got. I almost got that one. I keep saying IM going to make  a tshirt that says ocrap your going to try to cheer me up arent you. I keep saying that but want it before the camp trip!!!!!! dang it!!!!!Love your sleeping fur babies nad bath time baby. how cute is that. Yup storm or stalker ......... Ill take my chances with mother nature thank you very much

  3. Walmart and Fred Phelps are related...doncha know????( tie in to Russ's entry aobut not believing in God and using the godhatesfags.com)

  4. The walmart closest tp us is always a mad house! No matter what the day, weather or time.

    Take care.

  5. For this family, WalMart is a necessary evil.  EVIL, I say.  EVIL!  Yup, I hate it, but can't avoid it. Damn Walmart.

  6. Wal-Mart has ties to the devil.  LMAO.  You slay me, sista!~  Personally, I have had one helluva day.  ::sigh::  Will life ever be peaceful again???????  I think I am gonna run away.....................

    Love ya,


  7. Don't blame you for napping especially with the dogs, that is the BEST!  Great heaters!  Walmart is in league with the devil I swear!!  Funny story about the potty, that would happen to me too!
    Hugs and love,

  8. LOL! I have to agree with the walmart/devil thing. Can't believe that girl really expected you to stop mid pee and let her have your stall! GEESH!! Love the new comforter set ;o)

  9. LOL love the walmart comment
    The comforter is really nice.
    Hugs, Marina

  10. The scary part about this is that you didnt notice that the little girl was a ghost!!
    shes walmarts devil ghost. If you had finished up and opened the door for her, she would have eaten your face!!!!
    Woooooooo devil ghost!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now you have spoken to her she knows you and everytime you go back to walmart she will be there.......watching.........waiting!

  11. Tabby just came back from Hot Topic with a pink shirt with heart shaped skulls on it..


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