Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Snip-snip and whine-whine

Yesterday, Gordo & Sophie went in for their spay and neuter.

By the time Jesse brought them home, I was desperate to see my babies, and clearly, they wanted to see momma.  They were still kinda out of it, but as soon as I loved on them, they laid down and went back to sleep.

They're doing surprisingly well, though.  Sophie is acting as if nothing even happened.  The vet said she might be hormonal since they did the spay WHILE she was in heat, but so far, she is still a lovable snuggle-bug....

I made them give us some sedatives for Gordo, though.  I know what a boisterous dog he is and nothing short of a shot of tequila would chill him out....  Right now, they're both at my feet, in peaceful slumber....  Um.  His huevos look a smidge icky though.

Moving on........I.......hmm.......I'm developing memory problems.  Seriously, I'm all with the CRS syndrome.  WTH?

Also, I think my demeanor has been taking a slow downward turn.  I don't think I'm depressed, but I'm considerably more subdued about life.  Has anybody noticed that?  Or am I overthinking myself?  Am I tired?  Do I even make sense?  LOL  Ehh...wouldn't be the first time.

Oh.......but a random bit of interesting info......the vet sent us home with these pills for the dogs called Capstar.  Kills all fleas within 30 minutes.  Awesomeness of all awesomeness.

and.....erm...that is all.



  1. Oh I know how you feel You just so want to see your babies we thought we would die the day Arffer went to get fixed. Keep a watch on gordo since he looks bad but i know you will. maybe ask about applying some peroixid or something to them.

    Yes I have been what i call mellow for a while. and like sometimes it hits me in great bouts like suddenly whilst camping Rachaels tone and attidtude in a reply to me was like a sharpe jab in the gut and I was like I dont care. I just slowly walked with Todd to a camp look and looked at other sites and then I slowly paced back I feel suddenly like wanting to be alone and felt like well I could go lay on a motuian top no one around!!!!!!!!! I dont know waht the deal is maybe its hormones too I mean IM 44 who theheck knows. !!!!!!! But I really want to be left alone

  2. Need the capstar stuff!  We put frontline on my poor Westie.  Within three weeks he is covered in fleas.  So I put more on.  But he is still scratching like crazy.  Poor guy.
    I'm glad the dog children are weathering the spaying and neutering ok.
    I haven't really noticed you were typing more depressed.  Hmm.  Are you?  More depressed that is.

  3. Glad your fur babies did well through their surgery.  Capstar is what I took by mistake one night, lol.  Guess I could say I was flea free for 30 days, eh?  ::snort::

    Have a great day!~

    Love ya,

    P.S.  I been having memory problems for a while, am on meds for it.  Welcome to the club.  Hee...........

  4. What are huevos?
    Being english I have no idea what this word is. I guess its something to do with his nads, am i right?

  5. Wow, I didn't know anything would kill fleas that fast!  And all the vets I ever talked to refused to spay a female while she was in heat.  Methods change all the time, though.

  6. oh, I need those pills!!!

  7. you do seem a touch more mild   i think it will pass quickly girl

  8. I need some of those flea pills for my dogs!  30 minutes?!?!  WOO-HOO!!!  You have been subdued lately, but it's not that noticeable.  Just life and it sucks sometimes.  I get that!
    Hugs and love,

  9. so happy the dogs are doing good. I think I'm  having the same memory problem. Wow that's cool that the meds kills all fleas in 30 min.

  10. Glad the dogs are doing well.  I've been having problems with memory and with being tired all the time, too.  I'm hoping it's just a seasonal thing!


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