Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So what have YOU done today?

Still no hot water at my house.  uch...

Anyway, so.....um...ok, I'm one of those people who can say something funny with a straight face.  I'm the only one in the family who can, so I consider this a little gift...heh.....

My regular readers will know that I'm setting up for a story....

Y'all are waiting for it, aren't you?

OK.....we have one of Jesse's friends helping us clear out brush and trees in the back to entice potential renters who may want a view of the lake out back....  I went out with a bottle of water for him and said with a totally serious face......

"Sorry I wasn't out sooner.....I was icing the dogs'..............err....we got him fixed and his......I......his testicles are swollen and I had to ice them." 
He looks at me like 'WTF?'  and laughs....
so I'm like 'Yeah...I can scratch that off my long list of plans in life....'  Hee.......


  1. So funny lolol hugs, Sherry

  2. Still Looking for a job.............
    I can drink coffee (or tea) and conversate..............
    There must be someone who is willing to employ me to do that.
    ha ha ha

  3. Very funny.  It's hard for me to keep a straight face like that.  Hope you get your hot water soon.

  4. U totally slay me!  :-)

    Love ya!~


  5. ah fun to be an adult isnt it!!!!!!!!!! such grown up things we get to do !!!!!!!!

  6. I started counting all the reasons I like you, got tired & had to rest ;'] ~Mary

  7. You were SO flirting with him with all your "icing dog balls" banter.  Admit it!!  ;)

    Love ya,

  8. I can do that too with a straight face!  And, people actually believe me, so I guess I am pretty good at it!  I just love your humor!!!!!
    Hugs and love,

  9. Funny you should say that, but a bloke at work had "The snip" and came to work 2 days later with a pack of frozen peas!

    And at lunchtime when they had thawed out, he put them in a bowl, heated them in the microwave, sprinked on a little mint sauce and sat at his desk spooning them into his mouth.


  10. ROFL!! You are a total riot!!

  11. Ummm...let's put that next to the time I unloaded a constipated horse...by hand....up to my elbow....then shoulder....


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