Monday, September 25, 2006

'cause that's just the kind of pet owner I am...


Of my two cats, Bella is the one always wanting outside.  Cha Cha will run away like the devil is on her tail if you try to bring her anywhere close to the door, but Bella loves outside.  The problem is....there are too many places for her to escape.  The woods behind the house, UNDER the house, into the crotchety neighbors' yard (where she WILL call animal control), I don't let Bella outside.  I feel for her though, because she loves to roll around in the grass and dirt.

So, what did I do?  I went and bought her her very own plot of grass.  She's slept next to it all weekend.

How's that for guilt?



  1. spooky!
    I bought my friend a little tub of "cat grass" last week. its in a little plastic container. when i give it to her, she just needs to sprinkle some water on and let it grow.
    Specially formulated for cats to eat too.

    Havent said anything funny yet have I?


    Oh that special cat grass has extra ingredients to make her cats do really loud smelly farts. High pitched ones too. They are supposed to sound similar to what youd expect a smurf to sound like if you tortured it by putting matchsticks under its fingernails!

  2. Too cool! I love finding people who do things like this for their animals. Then I can point it out to others and say, "See, I'm not crazy... other people do this stuff!" <LOL>

  3. I bet she was in HEAVEN!!!!!  What a good Momma you are!!  My cats eat any flowers that Emma picks for me and brings into the house including the dandelions.  LOL!
    Hugs and love,

  4. I used to call and talk to my dog, Jet, through the answering machine.  My Dad would call and pick at Jet and say in a high-pitched voice, "Jet, this is Mama."  ROFL.  What we do for our fur babies, eh?

    Love ya!


  5. ah all animals want to be your pet !!!!!!!!!! you will be inudated with cats from all over. have you thought of getting a cat harnace and walking on a leash or long leash with her. My grannnys cat fought it for a about two months but now she realizes its the ONLY way shes getting out side and now after two eyars we can leave her out for a bit. and must juts check to be sure and she has never escaped

  6. Oh dear. I am so glad my cat is asleep and didn't read this! Tammy

  7. Oh how sweet.  Every cat needs their own pot of grass.

  8. lol awwww how cute. It's own plot of grass.

  9. you are soo good!

  10. lmao, I wish I could read bellas mind as she layed there

  11. Good thing Bella doesn't love BMW's ~Mary

  12. Does she chew the grass?  My girls really dig those little pots of wheat grass they sell in at Petco for a small fortune.  We cat-lovers are a strange bunch.


  13. Beautiful cat!  That was so sweet of you to do that, poor thing.  Now she has her own patch of grass!

  14. OMG that's too cute!  You're such a good mama!


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