Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Vet visit today

Jesse and I got up early and took the dogs to the vet.  All three of them.

Did I happen to mention Gordo gets very carsick?  Yeah.  ::sigh::  I got clean up duty there.

So, the vet was nice....we got their shots...yammered about what they ate, if they had fleas (they don't), what heartworm stuff we wanted (Heartgard), what flea preventative we wanted (Frontline for Paco and Sophie)...blah blah blah.....

Sophie had never gotten shots before (8 months old and no shots?  WTH?) and I forgot to ask about the Parvo vaccine, but.........she and Gordo are going back on Tuesday.  Snip-snip for them.  Neither of them are fixed, and Sophie is in heat.  ::pause::  I think not.  Gordo will not be sniffing my baby-dog.  Heh...

and to make sure that doesn't happen..........we stopped off at the pet store on the way home and bought something....

Sophie has Flashy Pants!  She's embarrassed, but too bad...better that than trying to deliver big puppies when she's only 15 lbs herself....

The vet was impressed that I knew alot about my dogs in regards to their diet, vitamins, allergies, etc.....but the ONE thing that made me twinge was........when she asked what breed of dog Paco was and I said he was a Treeing Tennessee Brindle.  She said 'Oh, there's no such breed!'  Ummmmmmm right.  Perhaps she needs to check the CKC website?  Pfft.  Tell me I don't know what my own dog is.... I don't think so...

Anyway, 4 hours later, we made it home in one piece, the car has been cleaned, and we are......



  1. Oohh, poor Sophie.  Sorry you got cleanup duty.  That happens with me all the time.  Nobody, and I mean nobody in this house does it but me.  The pets belong to EVERYBODY, why do I have to do the nasty part????????  I feel exhausted from life, Amy Lou.

    Love ya,

  2. well that is waht Sasha is and there are web sites on tennessee treeing dogs !!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha I got one too so they do exist lol we give pepper a pill and honey a pill called happy tails it keeps tthem from being car sick. its an herb with valarian in it. I can try and find you some web sites on it if you wnat me to. it really helps becuase HONEY use to PUKE big time!!!!!!! love the panties how cute is that???????? I ll  belaving for amping and I dont have any of that cherry fizz stuff still. No one can get it here. IM PFFFFFFFTTTTTTTT about that !!!!!!!!

  3. I have to give you big credit. I cannot clean up dog vomit. (nor humans) I end up doing the same thing. So hubby has that duty when the need arises.

    Love the cute red and white ruffle pants. Too cute.

    Have a great night and get some needed rest.

  4. Beautiful dogs.  And I think Sophie looks very stylish in her Flashy Pants!

  5. lovely pics..I think that's cute lol! (Sophie's pants)
    Gem :-)

  6. oh...I hate clean up duty!!!!  yuck!!!!  and  your vet does need to check out some web sties!  sheesh...even I knew there are treeing tennesseee brindle dogs!  LOL

  7. I saw a guy in pants like that at a party once. It was a really strange party, ya know?

  8. So, how's the checkbook after that visit to the vet?!  YIKES!  Those little fancy pants are ADORABLE though I have to admit!!!  My dog, Buffy, gets very carsick, so I understand.
    Hugs and love,

  9. omg I tried taking my 2 together once....O N C
    now we go one this week and one next week to make sure we still get the discount.

  10. Flashy pants, lol how cute. Don't tell her I think she looks funny and so cute. Happy you got the dogs to the vet.

  11. When I was much younger (pre-teen) one of our dogs had to wear those panties. I would always forget to take them off when I let her go out to go potty.  Thankfully I would remember just in time, otherwise I'm sure that would be one awful mess.

  12. There is so a Tennessee Tree-er. I heard of them when I was a kid in the mountains.



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