Saturday, September 30, 2006

'Ooooooooh' with a side of 'WTF'

Guess who got a perm.  G'head, guess.

Jesse has taken to calling me FiFi.  Nice, Jesse.....really nice.  ::Amy sticks her tongue out::  I like it though..... At least I look like I'm related to my kids now since they all have super curly hair.....

Stuff has happened since the last entry but eh.  Pfft.  With a side of uch.


Do y'all know why more people don't move?  It's because moving SUCKS.  It's true, and I have proof.

Also, I stopped taking my Lexapro.  THAT has not been fun.  Holy Moses, I wish the doctor would've told me how I'd feel after I quit taking it beforehand......'cause I never would've started it.  Well, I take that back....I would've, but the withdrawal sucks.  I'm all dizzy.  Whooo......  it's like being on narcotics, but all you get is the occasional 'happy rush' for a second or two, and then it's gone.  OK, that made no sense.  Pfft...who cares....really...LOL  I make no sense all the time, don't I?! round out the past few days.....guess what happened.  Oh, nevermind, you'll never guess.  Jesse went out for LJS to pick up and bring back for us.  I'm thinking 'Okay, he's taking he fishing for the damned fish himself or what?!' so I call him and he says 'I'm on my way...I'll be home in about 10.'  I said ok and hung up.  Then he and the boys (who he took) come bursting in the door...."Mom!  You should've gone with us!  We got hit by a truck!"  Jesse says "Yeah, Mom...that would've been just GREAT!"  After everybody settled down, I got the full story.  It's a 3 lane road.  Red light.  Jesse is in the far right lane, a truck is in the middle lane next to him, and there is no one in the far left lane.  No other cars are around.  Are you with me so far?  Suddenly, a truck comes out of nowhere behind the truck in the middle lane.  The guy realizes he didn't hit his brakes quickly enough, and instead of hitting the truck in the middle lane, he swerves to the right and hits the side of our car.  I know what you all are thinking because I thought it, too.  'WTF?  Wasn't the left lane EMPTY?!?!?!'  Indeed, it was, but some people are just stupid that way.  If you're like me, there are not enough eyerolls in the world.  THEN.......the guy has the gall to come off acting like a complete <insert word for male genitalia here>.  Jesse just looked at him and said 'Look, I'm tired.  My kids are tired.  I just want to go home, eat my food, and go to bed, and I don't want to hear all the blah blah blah you've got going on.....just give me your license number and insurance info and let me be on my way.'  Raise your hand if you think the guy gave him crap about it.   ::pause::  Wow...look at how many of you are right!  ::tongue click::  Gawd.  People are stupid, and they get more stupid once you put them behind the wheel of a vehicle.  Especially in Florida.

Wow....and I thought I didn't have much to say....


  1. You're looking way too fine, Amy!  Yow!!  At least 'WTF' was a side dish for you.  It's been a main course for me lately.  Look how I bitch!!  ;)


    PS That pic really is hot!  Take it from a fag!!

  2. well sorry about the accident. That guy sounded like a jerk. At least no one was hurt. You are a beautiful lady.

  3. 'ello darlin-as they say in these parts!
    I crown you Queen of the Autumn curl.
    Your hair looks great....and a nice cheeky smile too.
    Have you got wind? Heeeeeee

  4. love the the smile!

  5. woo hoo, we were hit by a truck!  shoulda been there, mom!
    gee, sounds like your family ;']  great hair  i love it  ~~Mary

  6. Scary about the truck hitting your car!!!!  Thankfully no one was hurt!  Isn't it just wonderful when the person who caused the accident it the one that is the ass?  Did Jesse call the police?  This guy could have been drunk and therefore would have been arrested.  Bet he wouldn't act so tough in jail.  Your hair looks good, now you just need to use the same products as your daughter and your hair will look shiny and beautiful.  And, don't worry, the poodle curls will calm down in 1 week or so.  LOL!  Every time I have had a perm in the past (and it was a LOT, I did live through the 80's afterall), I absolutely HATED it for the first week and kept it in a ponytail.  
    Hugs and love,
    P.S.:  When I went off Zoloft let me just say OMFG, the side effects were TERRIBLE!  Even my nose was numb and I would get little "zaps" that would hit my brain and go down to my fingertips.  AWFUL!


  7. hope he had a winess this guy sounds like an asshole

  8. Your new hair style really suits you, it's lovely.
    As for bad drivers, you wouldn't want to drive over here, especially on the country lanes: Lunatics is the only way to describe them, especially if they're driving a big van or a  4 x 4, think they own the road.
    Take care.
    Love Sylvia xx

  9. back from caming and catching up. MAN Im glad no one was hurt in your family. but girl you guys always get hit. I hope the insurance will pay with no cops to post a report they wont here in ky so keep that in mind if your ever here. YUP thats why I dotn move becuase its a biatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT I LIKE YOUR HAIR VERY MUCH my perms never tunr out like that good.

  10. Lemme guess.  You did!   :)  

  11. Oh my gawd, just glad they are all okay.  I want to know, "Do you all have a red bull's eye painted on the vehicle that says hit me?"

    Perm looks great.  I really like it.

    I didn't have the money to get my Lexapro filled.  I am a bitch when I am off of it.  Poor people who have to deal with me.  It makes me dizzy like to go off of it too, but my family wants me to stay on it, lol.  Can't imagine why.  ::sigh::

    Again, very glad your family is okay.

    Have fun on your adventure.



  12. I'm glad no one was hurt.

  13. yea withdraws from that crap sucks ... stay strong .... i am moving too :) it sucks but having fun sellin allll my furniture my new home is furnished.... wish u the best of luck


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