Tuesday, October 24, 2006



Yeah, baby....


with some

::Amy skips along::  Tra-la-la.....Wheeeeeeeeeee

I can feel my shoulders relaxing as I breathe some nice, fresh, COOL air.....ahhhhhh



  1. girl you  just need to come on up here its 36 cold wind and we had flurries. ITS COLD biting cold but IM loving it. but I bet you feel the need for a sweat shirt i n that after your temps. do some more happy dance

  2. TUE

    54°F 12°C
    39°F 3°C WED

    55°F 12°C
    37°F 2°C THU

    55°F 12°C
    44°F 6°C FRI

    54°F 12°C
    45°F 7°C SAT

    55°F 12°C
    38°F 3°C SUN

    56°F 13°C
    37°F 2°C MON

    57°F 13°C
    41°F 5°C

    Pfft, whatever...wanna switch?

  3. I know the feeling that's for sure! Right now it's 64 degrees and I'm loving it :)


  4. Nice forecast!  

    Oh hey guess what? That girl harassed me continuously because  I posted her e-mail on my blog.  So I deleted that post in hopes that she'll go away...forever. I can't believe it, I get really nice people commenting on my blog and one major nutcase ruins it all.

  5. It was supposed to be 39 here last night, but I heard it was closer to 32.... and it's only getting to 64 today, and tonight and tomorrow are supposed to be the same.... <looking around> Did I move?? Isn't this Florida <g>..... Enjoy your cool weather!

  6. Its 6.30pm here. As i sit in my bedroom with the window open its 57 deg by the window. Its a bit chilly i s'pose. Better put some underpants on! might catch a chill. :o)

  7. Funny!  Didn't you say you might be moving?  I hope to a cooler climate.

  8. You and me both.  The climate this time of year is PERFECT.  Why can't it stay like this always? :-P

    Love ya, girlfriend!~


  9. Lucky you!!!  I am enjoying the nice 45 degrees we are having daily!  LOVE the cold!
    Hugs and love,
    Lisa who never "got" Napoleon Dynamite.  I don't get it.  LOL!!

  10. Think you're gonna have that nice American weather in Finland or wherever the hell you and Hugo Chavez are moving to??

    Carl Taylor  
    Tulsa, Oklahoma

  11. We just re-watched that movie a few nights ago...


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