Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween '06

We made it back alive!  WITH CANDY!  Hee hee hee.....  we didn't go on base this year, because last year was just a mess with renovations and new apartments and all that....and the apartments have stairs.....and since neither me nor Alex could handle stairs, we just decided to go trick or treating off base.  We live in the southern part of Tampa (read also - hoity), so we got a pretty decent amount of the good candy.

Alot of the people who were giving out candy were impressed with the kids costumes.  I was like 'Whaa?  Why?  They're just costumes....and makeup...' but I found out they were getting alot of kids who didn't dress up or anything.  Me, I feel like if somebody is giving my kid free candy, I ought to at least entertain them a little, y'know?  Alot of them were saying 'Take alot....we haven't been getting many kids....' so after three blocks, our buckets were full!  Eh...worked out well, though, because after 45 minutes, Alex was complaining about his knees, and Adrian was saying his bucket was heavy....so we just called it a night....

One thing I forgot to mention.  Everyone was SHOCKED that my kids said 'Thank you!' after they were given candy.  I kinda thought that was sad.... :-/

Anyway, so concludes Halloween 2006.  Happy Halloween.....Samhain....Fall Harvest...yada yada yada...


  1. Great pics.  By the way, you have a LOVELY daughter!

  2. Your pictures would come up for me.  It is sad that most kids don't have any manners anymore.  

  3. Ok the pictures kicked in.  Loved 'em.  Ryan made a gorgeous witch!  The boys looked good too!

  4. I was living in Plant City last year and the day after halloween I heard a knock on the door... I go to the door and there are a couple of kids (looked to be 10/12) and they asked if I gave out candy for halloween... Ummmm... Yes?!? Well, did I have any left over?.... Ummmm.... Yes?   well, could they have it? Ummmm NO! If you couldn't be bothered to come on Halloween you get no candy! And I shut the door in their faces!! Some of these kids are RUDE! AND they yelled a nasty name at me for not giving them candy!!

    Any way, Happy Halloween and a Merry Samhain!

  5. great costums. love the trip with you guys. Love YOUR house lol

  6. Love the costumes.  Just send me all the chocolate.  Okay, so I won't be greedy.  You can each keep ONE piece of chocolate, but send the rest to me................mwahahahahahahaha.

    Love ya, sista!~


  7. Today was special... our first Halloween.

    OUR FIRST. First time trick or treating with the kids.

    Eden Marie...at her very first house, (She was the Little Mermaid) goes up and says in her sweet baby voice, "Hi. I'm Eden Marie. I'm here for my trick or treat!"

  8. The "Rain Man" comment made my night!  Thanks!  You should write humor cards in Kansas City and I'll come live in Florida all Winter.  That a deal?  


  9. WOW, the kids made out great!!!!!!  And, hey, Bethany and Ryan used the same sortof makeup and tattoo!!  Hey, did she have a hard time getting that darned tattoo off of her face?!?!  Took me near one hour yesterday trying to get it off of Bethany's face!!!!!!!!!!  She still has some glue and glitter residue too!  You did a great job on the makeup!!!  Go you!!!  
    Hugs and love,

  10. Jenna and Ethan went out this year...and had a blast!

  11. Great photos....a toothbrush and paste? Weirdos!

  12. Sounds like you have been raising your kids right.  :)

  13. Great costumes, but where was yours...lol


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