Wednesday, October 11, 2006



I'm supposed to be packing and cleaning.  Problem is......there's so much to do, I'm just basically sitting here with my mouth open looking around.  I s'pose I should enter Hell's Den also known as my walk-in closet and get on that mess, but I want to?  Shouldn't I just sit here with my coffee and become increasingly giddy as rain clouds roll in?!  No, I shouldn't.  Yes, I should.  Do do do.....

Let's ask the Universe what I should do.....

::Amy pauses::

Oh,'s the answer!  A boy bringing me Pizza Rolls!

So....what was I saying?  Oh yeah....the moving thing.  I found out yesterday that Jesse's brother is moving back from Germany at the end of the month.  He's still active in the Air Force, so they pay for movers to pack and move you.  Us?  We're not active duty anymore.  That means.......we move ourselves.  ::cries::  aaaaaaaaaand..... we have to make the house ready for someone to rent it.  ::cries more::  including doing plumbing crap under the house.  where creepy snakes and icky spiders are. 

Is that me hyperventilating?

Might be.

But I'm having a very super awesome hair day.  That's got to count for something.


  1. I should be studying...but keep finding things that are keeping me away from reading my favorite journals!!!

  2. My ear holes are itchy. Maybe icky spiders have gotten in them at night and laid eggs.

    We dont really get snakes in England. Only ickle grass snakes and in all my years Ive never seen one.
    I saw a polar bear once. But that was in a zoo!
    And an Elephant. It did a big wee and me and my friends all laughed.

    When you move out leave a dead fish under the floorboards or something. Hee hee


  3. Did you read what brainwhispers said Amy Lou?  NO SNAKES IN ENGLAND!!!!  I AM PACKING WITH YA.  Let's go to England, yes?  I hate moving.  It is a pain in the $%^&*!!!!!! So glad you are having a good hair day, maybe I will once I wash it.  ::snort:: and.........I'm still in my jammies.  Hee...........

    Have fun.

    Love ya,


  4. well congrats on the supper hair day lol MAN I hope you get packed soon and get moved and share pics. Im remodeling today ugh hate living in whilst remodeling. YES SEND me some pizza rolls. I may  have to send you money to ship me some of them cherry fizz atleast a carton of them no one hardley even sells segrams any more here

  5. oh no not spiders ewe

  6. I would rather have a tooth extracted without medication, than to ever move again.  I'm just sayin'.

  7. Glad to hear your hair is finally calmed down now.  I remember the days of getting perms and keeping it in a ponytail for the first 7-10 days because I looked like a poodle.  LOL!  I would NEVER get underneath a house where there are spiders.  EEEEKKKKK!!  Snakes, no problem, I can handle them, but you know me and spiders (shutters uncontrollably over this way).
    Hugs and love,


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