Monday, October 16, 2006

The new beast

This weekend seemed like it just zoomed by....but probably because we were so busy.  We went vehicle shopping, bought a van, went grocery shopping (always a major event), along with other random shopping stops, picked out carpet for the house, and.....lots of other stuff I can't remember.  The nice thing, though....was being able to ride with the windows open.  There was SUCH a nice cool breeze this weekend.  We went out for a 'Sunday drive' on Saturday.  I haven't been as relaxed as I felt this weekend for a long time.  The weather really plays a big part in my mental state.  I would've slept outside if I wasn't so paranoid of bugs climbing up my nose while I sleep.

I've been waking up feeling more energized lately, so hopefully that will get me in gear as far as getting the house ready so we can move.  It's weird though....I've been getting less sleep, so the only thing it can be is that I'm happy to wake up because it is nice and comfortable outside.....

So, back to this van....  we bought it because the more we were thinking about it...we're moving.  5 people, 3 dogs, 2 cats.  We're not all going to fit in the car.  Then we thought 'ok, maybe just rent a van...' but then........we looked at our very tall children.  They really needed something with more space.... so we did some research and went out looking.....found something that had enough room, slapped our money down, and off we went.


It's a bad picture 'cause of the stupid sun, but y'all get the idea.....

I'm not driving it because I can barely see over the damn dashboard...LOL was something Jesse and the kids really liked, and he saw that I was kinda 'eh' about it, so he said ' 'bout if we get this.....and then I'll get you a cute little something for you?'  I said 'Something cute?  Like a small SUV cute?'  Hee.... I'm such a spoiled brat, no?



  1. I want it.  I'll trade you the Suburban for it!  Really, truly... straight trade.  I'll even be generous and leave the stained headliner from where a can of soda exploded in there on a hot day.  Heeee.....  


  2. ah man GO For an escalade cute and expensive. nice vehicle nad yhou will love the room. cant wait ofr piics of your new place when you move. I still think you should move to KY for more cool temps and rainy fall days and springs. Shaddy winters and decent summers most of the time. COME ON UP GIRL or atleast run thru here and bring me some cherry fizz!!!!!!!!!!!!! or just bring your selves. AND ifyou do walk in th edoor with hatchets to scare the crap out of Rachael but warn me so I can video it. !!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think it is very pretty.  We have a leisure van.  We really loved it.  Gotta have some work done on it to get it back on the road.  It made the moves with us from Alabama to Monument, CO, to Palmer Lake, CO to Broomfield, CO and back to Alabama!!!!  Spoiled, you?  ::snort::

    Love ya, SB!~  Hee..........


  4. Can you convert it to look like the van in the ATeam.

    Jesse can be BA.
    You are obviously murdock!

  5. You ARE spoiled!!!!!  That van rocks though, my kids would love it!!!!!  With my brood I need something like that too but would be afraid to drive it.  I want a nice new SUV too!  WAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!  CONGRATS to you!  You deserve it!  
    Hugs and love,
    Lisa who is always in a better mood this time of the year, well, at least until Christmas comes around

  6. And don't let ANYBODY tell you it looks somewhat "pimpish" because it doesn't.  For reals.  I'm not even hardly lying that it doesn't look very "barrio".  I'm allowed to say that because I'm married to a Mexican also.  I get an excuse slip.  I am so wrong in the head and typing fingers these days.  I have an excuse slip for that too!!!

    Major hug,

    Handmade Halloween card for Adrian coming soon.  For reals.

  7. Nice van with a nice shine to it!  :)  Yall will have a blast.  Now, just get some of those DVD players for vehicles.

  8. Nice family truckster! Oh and as for the person who was giving me crap on my blog? Go to the post called "adios" and go to the comment me you'll figure out who it was real quick. She's a miserable human being.

  9. now that's a van all right. Love it.


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