Saturday, October 7, 2006

Part 1 of The Birthday

We celebrated Adrian's birthday at Chuck E Cheese...on Wednesday.  We weren't really going to since we had the big trip planned for him....but when he came back in from the mailbox and looked at me and sighed and said 'Well.... nobody remembered my birthday...there aren't any cards for me or anything.....' and walked to his room, my freaking heart broke.  I stood there almost in tears myself.  So, I called Jesse and said 'I know we weren't going to take him anywhere, but.....' 

So.....we went, we had fun, and my baby is 8 years old.  He says he can't wait to get a JOB!  I was like 'Wha?  OK, you're your fathers' child, because you have never heard that kind of talk from ME.'  :-P

More pictures to come of the birthday trip once they get loaded.....

Speaking of loaded. wine cooler, anybody?  I could sure use one.  :-X



  1. um yes and I could use that cherry fizz!!!!!!!!!! Yes we are still looking all over ky for them. !!!!!!!!!People think we are freaking nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!  can I come live with you????????? do your kids hang with anyone. I  mean well do they just maily hang with you guys. Do they go to churhc or anything like that??????? I got my reasons well mostly thinking of withdrawing from society and GIRL I love your I hate people shirt

  2. AWESOMEEE PICS .... wine cooler ??? yup loaded here well working on it .... u guys look like such a great famliy ..and a 8 yr old looking forward to a job :) AWESOMEE.... that makes me smile  bout my sons future :)  your family is beautiful!! Love and Light

  3. Oh that is so nice! Not one fuzzy birthday card? Sniff Sniff! I loved getting cards when I was a kid. Heck I have two aunts who still send me them.

  4. Happy Birthday to Adrian. I remember when we used to go to Chuck E Cheese. It has been awhile since my daughter is 12. LOL The pictures are great. I love silly string. Pass a wine cooler this way please! Hugs, Detje Bea

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIAN!!!  He is already changing so much, getting taller and thinner!  WAAHHHH!  Why can't they stay babies!??!??!  I absolutely LOVE your shirt by the way!!  I want one!  Hee-hee-hee!
    Hugs and love,

  6. NO birthday cards???!!!!  I can handle that kind of shit now, but it would have killed me at that age.  If you feel comfortable giving me your home address (privately), I'll send him a handmade card...a belated one.

    Hugs to you and your clan,

  7. Oh my gawd, your shirt is sooooooooooo perfect for my friend, Kimmie.  Hee.....Loved the silly string pictures.  A birthday ain't a birthday without silly string!!!!!!  Adrian is such a little cutie or should I say big cutie.  They don't stay little long, do they.  ::big sigh::  My "baby" is 14 now.  Son is 24 going on 14, lol.  He is such a clown.  Happy belated, Adrian!!!!

    Love ya, girlfriend!~



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