Thursday, October 19, 2006

Stream of consciousness

"I'm tired.  I'm crabby.  I should do an entry.  Nah...nobody wants to hear about you being crabby.  Wait, people want to hear about the mundane stuff in your life.  No, they don't...who cares if you picked up dirty clothes 3 inches from the hamper AGAIN.  Seriously, that boy can make his own chicken nugget sandwich.  I hope he doesn't over-ketchup the bread like last time.  It's a good thing Jesse isn't home or he would be yelling at Adrian for cutting his bread on the table.  Jesse....why is he so tired...I thought he got a good nights' sleep.  Better than mine, anyway.  I can't believe I was up til 4 AM.  Why the hell was I up til 4 AM?  Oh yeah...I did write that letter Adele.  Adele will be excited we're going to England. was so cute when we were both in 6th grade and she sent me that tape of herself.  OK, why is Alex back in bed and asleep?  Please tell me he is not getting sick again.  Damn it, Adrian, the microwave has been beeping for three minutes now!  Get up and get the damn chicken out!  I am sooooo not going to get up and do it for him.  I do that too much.  Why is Gordo all wet?  the grass is wet... the POOL IS TURNING MY YARD INTO A LAKE....oh just you wait til I call Jesse and bitch about this.  I TOLD him to clean it, close it...but no....and now I'm drying a very furry dog who will most likely not be fully dry when I let him go and he will probably jump on my bed when I'm not looking and get my whole bed wet, and then when I go to bed tonight, my spot will be wet and I will wonder why.  I hope I go to bed before 4 AM tonight."




  1. Oh boy did he get wet!  WOW!  I have to towel dry my dogs even if it's just drizzling out, they are so spoiled!  They actually stand in the kitchen and wait for me to get the towel!  You know, I always look forward to your entries and get excited when I see you did one.  So, bitch away, I don't mind it one bit!
    Hugs and love,

  2. That makes two of us.  I swear, my 24-year-old is worse than my 14-year-old!!!!!  I am off today.  AGAIN, I went down to the basement, picked up his dirty clothes (the hamper is in the basement), picked up his trash, dirty dishes, made his bed, and in a few I will take the vacumn down and vacumn.  It is still very cluttered, but he doesn't want me in his stuff.  From several of the things I have found I can see why!!!!!!!! :-P Then, I will go to daughter's room, make her bed, pick up her dirty clothes, take her dirty dishes to kitchen, and vacumn her room, not to mention put on laundry, wash all the dirty dishes I gathered from said children's rooms, and clean the rest of the house.  I swear, sometimes I feel like all I am good for is being their cook and their maid.  They don't do it cuz they know I will.  I have trained them real good, eh?  Gordo is too cute all wet.  Hee............Oh, and on top of all that, I still have to repaint the trim in the kitchen and get all of that stuff put back where it goes.  The grass needs cutting.................Man, I need to quite work to do what all needs to be done around here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. P.S.  Yes, I realize I typed quite instead of quit.  ::sigh::  I am too tard to care. ::sigh::  I should be able to rest today cuz it is my weekend to work onsite at the hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. OH MY GORDO IS WET!!!!!! lookes like a drowned rat. I love this stream o fconsciousness  because it osunds like my mind jumping fro mhere to there. IN fact I talk like that alot and drives the family nuts. just whats on my mind comes out. OH BOY POOR JESSIE I ll prya for him I bet hies in big trouble. HOpe you all keep well and healthy. POOR AMY!!!!!!!

  5. Wow, I guess he did indeed get wet. I hate that wet doggy smell.

    Sorry you are having such a crappy day. I hope it turns around soon. Love getting your alerts, crabby or not.


  6. I like stream of consciousness.  Rather like my life.  For example, why was I constantly up last night?  I am so tired today.  Why can't I get anything done around here?  Maybe it's the two kids and two dogs underfoot.  I just fell asleep watching Rachel Ray.  I hope I'm not getting sick again.  Oh crud, I feel crappy.  Maybe I am getting sick.  Why do children pick the most annoying toy to be amused by?  Quit blowing that whistle!
    Ok enough of that!  
    Just letting you know you are not alone!

  7. Good entry, Amy!  The "stream of consiousness" thing is what I think journals are for.  I feel sucko now because I try to form some sort of topic and/theme with my entries all the time.  Screw it.  I'm validating you with my next entry.  It's top'o the head time.  You rock!


  8. Nah...nobody wants to hear about you being crabby.

    LOL evidently somebody doesn't want to hear it on my blog.  Hell, I got practically bitch slapped for expressing my feelings on MY OWN blog. I guess your only supposed to blog about the warm and fuzzy feelings. Whatever.

    Love the wet pooch pic!  I guess you're sleeping in the "wet spot" tonight! LOL

    Take Care My Friend,


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