Tuesday, November 7, 2006

The door-to-door religious folk are illiterate?

I have a sign on my door that looks like this:


Us literate folk know what that means.

Sadly, the door-to-door religious idiots do not.

If I had a sign on my door saying "Knock loudly if you're sharing religion!  The dogs will alert me to your presence so I can wake up and stumble to the door in my pajamas in order for me to have Everlasting Life!", I could see why the bitch would knock.  But the sign clearly says...........

Yeah.  No Soliciting.

I got a pamphlet for promises of Everlasting Life on my door.  She's lucky I was still in my pajamas and barely awake or I would have made her meet her Everlasting Life right quick. 

With 3 hours of sleep, we do not want to piss me off today.




  1. They piss me off too. I keep threatening to put a sign on the door saying Beware of the Witch!!!! Trouble is they would immediately want to come to save my soul.
    Love the pussycats!!

    Blessed be,

    Cathy.  xx

  2. You used a big word. haha. This is what I had on my door in CT and it WORKED (no words to confuse them)...

  3. I get these people knocking on my door all the time...it is so frustrating to have to stop what I'm doing to answer the door for this stuff...doesn't seem to matter what kind of sign you put up, they still ring the bell.


  4. Anybody wanting to sell you something can't read.  It's in the prerequisites.  ~ Mike

  5. You don't like their Awake magazines?  Since they dont' believe in Christmas, you should go to their door and do some caroling this season.


  6. oh now see, I thought a sign like that would work.  Silly me!  I have had enough of people knocking on my door.  I have said for years I need a no soliciting sign.  Looks like it would be a waste of time!

  7. You can't use big words don't you know?!?  It has to say something like mine "Don't Bother, A Witch Lives Here".  LOL!  But then again, I did have a pamphlet in my doorway the other day and the dogs were even outside!  Now that takes a lot of prayers to be willing to get by MY dogs to get to my door!  
    Hugs and love,

  8. Oh you hav a door sign like mine oly mine says NO SOLICITING and had adog biting a man. its on a 9x11 sheet of paper and says in the bottom dogs dont like people!!!!!!! ( I should add nor do I) well yes the jehovahs witness has come to mydoor (seeing my isralie flag on it and left pamphlets. but what ticks me off is thoes running for election who are suppose to uphold the laws.......... leave cards and flyers on my door . Butwhat really ticks me off is that if they really had any interest in being MY poictician they would put a phone number or atleast an email on it AND why when I esnt an email after I seneakily found it to our running mayorial candidate has he not responded to me??????????? NO I DID NOT VOTE FOR JOHN MYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. LOL...we live in church property and people still come and try to convert me!  LOL

  10. Where've you been, girlfriend??  Mainstream religious folk have ALWAYS been stupid!!  They think they get afterlife prizes (heavenly toasters or something) if they annoy heathens.  SIGH

    Make the sign a little more clear at your new place.


  11. U slay me, girlfriend.  LOVE that last graphic.  Hee........When we lived in Palmer Lake, this lady who belonged to the local Jehovah's Witness group kept coming to see me and even would send a group of friends.  After I moved to Broomfield, CO, she even wrote me a letter.  I wrote her back to innocently ask her a question.  I was seriously curious to know the answer to my question.  I never heard from her again.  Ya think I offended her?  I hate for anybody to bother me when I am at home other than my family and friends, and even then, I prefer if they call first.  It is quite aggravating to work from home and every Tom, Dick, and Harry comes to your door.  You don't get much work done that way, KWIM????????  I had Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, salesmen, people selling fundraiser items, and so on and so forth.  I had a peep hole on my door.  If I looked out and didn't know them, I got to where I didn't answer the door it was so bad when we lived in a subdivision in Broomfield, CO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love ya,



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