Sunday, November 19, 2006

Food food food....

Last night, we all went to see Happy Feet at the theater.  Before that, we had gone to Taco Bell.  By the time it took us to drive from Taco Bell to the movies, Alex was ready to throw up.  I was thinking 'Yeah....this should be fun.....we're watching the movie all quietly in the theater and then he hurls....'  Luckily for me, though....I almost always come prepared.  My purse is the size of luggage and I had a big plastic cup in there just in case.  (Don't ask me why I have a big plastic cup in my purse because I've no  But....Alex's stomach settled after he sat down, so we were all able to enjoy the movie.

With buttered popcorn.  and cherry coke.

I know....fabulous diet I'm on, eh?  It turns out that I said to Jesse 'Honey, I'm becoming quite the heifer here and I'm going on a diet....' and he said 'Can you wait til the holidays are over?  I don't want either of us to miss out on all the good food of the season.  Besides, you're not fat.'  How nice of him to include that last sentence.  LOL  Worried about the food more than my big butt, are you, Jesse?!  ::sticks out tongue::  hee hee hee....

Oh....and I've had me a KILLER headache for about 2-3 days now.  I'm talking I have taken the heavy duty meds and it's helped nothing except my ability to sleep.  I'm afraid to tilt my head to the side for fear it'll fall off - - that's how bad it is....  I don't even bother with Tylenol anymore.  I think I've become immune.  Oh goes it.

Today?  House projects.  Only a few more and we are DONE!  Yay!  We're having carpet put in soon.  I know....I can hear the gasping....'carpet over those fabulous hardwood floors?!'  Well.  They're not that fabulous.  Really. 

.........I think I may need to go pick up a few grocery items that Jesse forgot to pick up for Thanksgiving, as well....  WHY would he not come home with potatoes?!  Really, now.  I s'pose he got what counted.....a ginormous turkey that's already been smoked.  Oh, the bliss of this turkey.  It is so amazingly good that we won't buy any other kind.  Although, if any of you is making a deep fried turkey this year, please save me some.  I loves me some deep fried turkey.....



  1. Wasn't Happy Feet the best?  I really liked it.  Nice of Jesse to look out for himself!  Funny.  Sorry about the headache.  Maybe after you move you won't hurt so bad!  Stress?  Maybe?

  2. I have always wanted to make a deep fried turkey b/c of all the wonderful things I hear about it....but I am too terrified to make it that way, I know I will be one of the few where the whole yard goes on I guess I'll just stick with my oven turkey :)


  3. manhope you get over youre headache. some jack and coke ought to do it. sorry your alex got sick that is so hard. we ate at a mexican resturant last night my faovrite one withthe good maragrits lol share pics of your old floor and new carpet. Yes tha tis sooooooooooo sweet of Jessie to hold off the diet for you. any excuse is good and your husband told you not to lol smoked turkey soudns good. Todds mom orders her deep fried turkey every eyar from QVC. so I get some if we arent too late though I d just as soon stay home than go out there. and this is not the year IM looking to be social either. Man I just wnat to stay home and do like we use to just us and stay here and pig out

  4. I've never had deep fried turkey, I am afraid of those deep fryers.  LOL!  We stick with the traditional Butterball normal turkey here and yes, my fav part is the leftovers the next day.  YUMMY!!!  Sorry to hear that you have had a terrible headache for 3 days already!!!  I used to have a headache every single day so I know how much that will get you down.  I hope it goes away sometime soon!!!  Happy Feet wouldn't have been as much fun if you didn't have popcorn!  Heck, every movie deserves a big tub of buttered and heavily salted popcorn if you ask me!  :)
    Hugs and love,

  5. Oh I want to sit with your family at the theater...NOT...hahahaa. Well, now you know why you had a big plastic cup in your purse. Glad you had a good time.

    "Besides, you're not fat"--he's a Keeper!

  6. I agree with the diet after the

  7. We bought a cooker and deep fried our turkey one year.  It was deeeeelish!  Carrie wants to go with her cousin and BF this weekend to see Happy Feet.  Was it good?  I will have to email you and tell you what D says about my big fat butt, it ain't printable in a journal comment.  ::snort::

    Love ya, sista!~


    P.S.  Hope your headache goes away soon.  Brandon had a fever yesterday of 102 and achy all over.  Hope he keeps it to himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-P

  8. Yes, but WHAT did you do with the plastic cup after it was horfed into??!!  I need to know because I'm writing the script for your movie biography.  

    Debra Messing is playing you, BTW.  Mario Lopez is playing Jesse.  And I'm playing Jesus (it's a complicated script).



  9. Never funny when your kid hurls.  Now when someone else's kid hurls it's hilarious.  LOL.  ~ Mike


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