Saturday, November 4, 2006

mmmm - bacon


What's not to love about this.....a bacon air freshener... They're $6.00 at FunUnlimited (with a dot com at the end of that)

I'm not ready to discuss my progress in the manual labor department yet.  It makes me cry.  I'm not feeling

So.....bacon?  What?


  1. your always beautiful YOU SEE if Joanna nad I actually did run away and come down to your house guess what/???????? we would help you pack and get ready!!!!!!!!!! now tha bacon that is an odd thing for sure

  2. Bacon air freshners?!?!  My dogs would be happy with that, but I love my Yankee Candle ones personally!  Hope you feel better soon!!!!!  
    Hugs and love,

  3. What's going on with you? Email me.



  4. Getting ready to move is so sucky. I'm determined to give away everything we own so next spring/summer (when we move) I can just hop in the truck with my iPod and spare underpants and feel "ready."
    Feel better. Have some bacon for lunch today.

  5. O.k.... I gotta know...........Does it SMELL like Bacon? <LOL>

  6. Bacon is soooooo tasty. I love bacon sandwiches.

    Whos this dude in your side bar???
    "Fedge" whats that mean?


  7. What will they think of next?  I love BLT's.  Gonna have to get some bacon now next time I go to grocery store, along with some lettuce, mater, and mayo.  Hee.....

    Love ya!~


    P.S.  Feel better soon.  You are too so pretty!  Now stop that!!!!  Don't make me come down there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I love bacon but EWWWEEEEEE

  9. Um, I'm guessing it smells like bacon???  DUde, I don't know about that LOL

    Pancakes is more my style.

  10. I don't know about bacon....but how about a nice boston cream donut :)


  11. I'm very PRO-BACON, but I would not want my car to smell of it.  Have you ever fried an entire package of bacon and eaten it all by yourself?  I have.  About twenty times.  Is that wrong?


  12. I don't think I want one of those.  I love bacon (or cooked pig of any type) but when we have bacon, the house tends to retain the smell all day, and by noonish, it's not so pleasant any more.  Smells more like old grease or something.  Know what else?  Boiled chicken makes my house stink for a whole day, but it's necessary for some recipes.  Know what else?  Sometimes, when the coffee first starts brewing, I smell tuna.  WTH?  Know what else?  I've had too much coffee already this morning, and I'm rambling and hyper.  Ciao!

  13. Good Lord...all those dogs yelling "Bacon, Bacon, Bacon" will be chasing your car! HA!


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