Monday, November 20, 2006

My attempt at coherence

Bullet statements because my brain is too incoherent to muster a grammatically correct paragraph......

*Today is Jesse's last day of work.  I'm surprised that the guys haven't pranked him yet, because Jesse is known for pranking everyone.  I told you all about the time he took one of the guys' uniforms and dipped it in an ice bath and then froze it - making a mondo ice block, right?  If he comes home with all of his clothes dry, I'll be amazed.

*My bestest friend, Diana - (in Texas) who was very pregnant 2 days ago, with a due date of December 21st....gave birth to the lovely Valencia Isabella on Sunday.  Baby V will be spoiled to death, I will make sure.  I am so so happy and so so sad.  I wanted to be there.  We WERE going to be there by then, but Baby just couldn't wait to see the world.

*I'm going to get my teeth bleached on Wednesday.  Who knew I was so high maintenance, right?

*If the guy whom we ordered a new back door from doesn't produce said door soon, I will be flipping out, and really...who wants a PMSy woman screeching in your face.



  1. teeth bleaching????? are kind ahigh maintenance! LOL

  2. Valencia Isabella...what a beautiful name. Yes, I wish those darn babies wuld have some respect for "due dates."
    Hope you get that door soon. On the other hand, yelling at men is always fun.

  3. So you are moving to Texas?  Wow.  Not much different on the temps, huh?  But fewer hurricanes.  I'm partial to the name Isabella since my daughter is named that!

  4. What a beautiful name....and yes, I can imagine how you will spoil her :)


  5. oh my Jessie sounds like Todd. Sorryoou missed the birth. {{{HUGS}}}}}}}
    wow share pics I never thoght your teeth looked bad at alll. YUP that man should be reminded with a pre pms tantrum. want me to being my sewing machine the one I use to beat up on last week when it would not work and show him what abutt whoopoing is all about????????

  6. Will be interesting to see if Jesse comes home with dry clothes.  Hee.....

    Sorry you missed the birth of your friend's baby.  Love the name, btw.

    My sister has her teeth bleached about twice a year.  Carrie has asked me to do hers.  You, high maintenance?  And you think you know a person!!!!!!!!!  ::giggle::

    You are waiting on a door and me a check from Hubby.  With me, four months and counting.  Come on six months and I will be considered postmenopausal!  Woo Hoo!  No more PMS.  Come on six months.....come on six months......

    Moving is a hard job.  Wish I was there to help ya.  Don't forget to drop off that clawfoot in east central Alabama, ROFL.

    Computer problems at work.  Guess I need to check and see if we are back up yet.  Bother............

    Love ya!~


  7. PMSy women screeching in my face is a real turn on. :o)

    I dont know what im saying. Im soooooo tired.
    My brain is foooooooooked!!

  8. Wanna talk coherence?  I read your entry and forgot to comment!  LOL!  I kept it as "new" and thought "Wait, I already commented on that!".  Ummm, nope.  Hope Jesse comes home with clothes on period, never mind wet clothes!  Wait, if that happens, take a pic will ya'?  Hee-hee!  I used to get my teeth professional bleached, but not anymore.  Now my teeth are rotting out of my head, but not from the bleaching.  I hope you feel better soon woman!  It's been too long!!!!!!!!!  Sending healing Pagan vibes your way.  (inside joke, get it?)  ;)
    Hugs and love,

  9. What a beautiful name for the baby

  10. I'm PMSing too... crazy, huh?

    Miss you...


  11. ....but there was no barfing into plastic cups today, right?  I can't get past that story, Amy.  Sorry.  

    I've always wondered if people born prematurely grow up to be early for appointments.  I arrived a week late (back in the 1800's) and I have a real problem with punctuality.

    Also.  Could the Food Network show something else besides these turkey-centric challenges and shit????!!!!  It's the holiday season.  I GET IT!!




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