Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pity Party For One

Written on instructions following teeth whitening process:

Do not drink tea, coffee, colas within 48 hours.

What the.....  Riiiiiiiiiiight.

Those bitches wanna come to my house tomorrow and see me without some coffee?  I thought not.

Anyway, I got it done.  Not doing it again.  Nope.  Not.  Doing.  It.

Also, they got some of this drying solution on my lip.  They didn't KNOW they got it on my lip til after I finally pushed their hands out of my mouth and said 'Um, yeah...kinda burning right here...'  Now I have a fat lip.  On one side.  Yeah, that's a sexy look to go with my family holiday.  Urgh.... No pics.  So sorry.


The appointment was for 8 AM.  Anyone who knows me knows I do not do mornings.  I am a bad sport til Cup Number Two.  Thennnnnnn you can talk to me.  I only had one cup before I had to show up at the dentist. 

They also filled a cavity. cavity, and two potential cavities got some treatment too because 'What the already can't feel anything, right?!'


I'm also not allowed to have any berry pie, ketchup/tomato products, mustard, red wine, colored drinks, etc......... white wine it is.  Lots 'n lots of it.

Pity Party of One Now Being Seated....Please come to the front.

(Yeah .....yeah.....we'll do the 'I'm thankful' bit another time, ok?!)



  1. sux to be you, doesn't it????
    running to hide, until Amy can get her caffiene!
    Sending big hugs your way!!!

  2. Maybe you could drink the coffee with a straw so it won't touch your pretty white teeth? I guess you'd have to stick the straw down your throat a ways. Then again, if you drink enough white wine maybe you will not need the coffee? (Yeah, right!)

  3. Hey, at least your teeth will be sparkly and white for the holidays!  Of course you can't eat anything, but you will look good even with the fat lip!!!  LOL!  One day I will get mine bleached again, but first I have to get a new tooth put in where I have a gaping hole still.  Dentists SUCK!!!  Did they mention no pumpkin pie??  :)
    Happy Turkey Day!

  4. oh {{{{{{{{{{{AMY{}}}}}}}}}}}} you poor thing. No cranberry sauce no nohthing fun. Yup don tblame yuou I would not do it agian iether. um you need some pics girl. after your lip goes down. I never thought your teeth were not whtie. you loook great. happy T daay anywya.

  5. I could do without the coffee, but now dang it, I gotta have my tea and Dr. Pepper.  Guess I won't be bleaching.  ::wink::  What us womenfolk go through to be beautiful.  ::sigh::  Is it worth it??????

    Donnie will be in anytime.  Haven't seen him since last Monday.  Gotta go primp some.  Hee.......

    Love ya!~


    P.S.  Hope your fat lip goes down soon.  :-)

  6. Zoinks!  Sounds like a nightmare!  Caffiene is my friend!

  7. Berry pie sounds yum-o
    Hee hee hee

  8. I did it years ago, and they bleached my had a big white spot on it...and after a while I went back to my drinking tea all day and now my teeth are stained again...sigh..


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