Sunday, November 26, 2006

Random thoughts....

Well....I made it through Thanksgiving alive.  Actually, it wasn't bad at all.  I did all the prep work, Jesse did the actual cooking, and there we were.  I was sad that I couldn't have any cranberry, because of the teeth bleaching, so I had to save that for another day.  I also had to cut my food into teeny bits because I couldn't open my mouth much from where the dental tech 'made a bit of a mistake' and got some drying solution on my lip - causing the whole lip to swell something wicked.

I will come clean and admit that.........even though they said 'no coffee'......I had my coffee, and used a straw.  Really, it was either that or spend time in jail for killing someone from my lack of coffee.  I know...I know....I'm weak.  I'm okay with that.  LOL

Anyway, yesterday, the neighbors (the ones we like) called and invited us to.....

Thanksgiving Dinner.

They hadn't had their own yet, so they were cooking their turkey and wanted us to come over.  More turkey.  LOL  It's a good thing I like turkey, and I love stuffing.  For our Thanksgiving dinner, we had a smoked turkey - which is so good.... but the neighbors have this monster of a grill with a rotisserie feature on it, so they put their bird on the rotisserie.....and I have to say was SO good.  Very moist and tender.  Okay, so I was a little surprised.  They had put it on fairly late, so I was initially just glad it was cookied through.  LOL

I guess today will be spent with more packing.  ::sigh::  I may end up staining the new back door, and if I finish early enough, maybe we can get that in today.  Jesse will be putting in the new countertop, I think.  He's putting in new plumbing under the sink, so I expect some cursing and at least one whack of the head.  The lovely Ryan will be outside by the shed muttering 'I flipping hate painting.  If I never paint again, it will be too soon.'  Hee... (love you, Ryan!)

Oh.  and who has information about Wales?  Anybody?  Y'all know me and Jesse were looking at England in a few years, but I hear Wales has some very awesome weather, yes?



  1. You keep freaking me out with the house moving...I sympathize!!! I have to do it again in about six months but this time my plan is to burn the house down, collect the insurance money and sell the empty lot. What do you think?
    ;) Cin

  2. You enjoy a godd stuffuing do you! ::snigger:: English humour.

    Wales? If you like wind, rain, unemployment, unfriendly people and can speak welsh then its fine, otherwise stay well clear.

    My boss is welsh :o)

    will email you some stuff

  3. It's so much work just to move!!!  WOW!  Glad you were able to have a 2nd Thanksgiving.  I am sick of turkey about now and don't mind if I don't eat it for another few months or so.  I look forward to it every year and then I don't want it ever again for a bit!  LOL!  I would not be a good person if I wasn't able to have my coffee in the morning, that's for sure!
    Hugs and love,

  4. Im with you on the

  5. Sorry, I cant spell.
    It ruined the "stuffing" joke.
    It would help if i wasnt lying on the sofa trying to type.
    It is sunday so Im allowed to be lazy.

  6. dont know about whales.
    soudns like you had two great T day dinners.
    man sucks about your not being able to eat cranberry sauce. I tell you bad time of year to take away the goodies. So sad your doing all this fixing up when your having to let someone else live in the house. sure do wish you could take the house with you. Ilvoe your house. poor ryan !!!!!!!!!!!i hate painting too

  7. LOL poor Ryan!!!!!
    and I know nothing about Wales..........

  8. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for commenting on my journal - you want awesome weather? Go back in my journal to November 19th, and see how you like the stormpictures. Or right back to November 11th, 2005. When we had a hurricane. I'll email you with links for info on Wales.

  9. Most families in Wales have a pet skunk.  And they all worship Rachael Ray.  Yup.
    Good luck!!!


  10. U slay me, girlfriend.  Poor Ryan.  Tell her since she likes painting so much, I got lots for her.  Hee hee!~  Wish I was there to help ya pack.  I am a bachelorette for another week.  ::sigh::  I did NOT sign up for this!

    Love ya, girlfriend!~


  11. I used to work with a lovely woman from Wales. The Welsh are very different from the British, very stubborn, proud, sweet, lyrical, and poets at heart, all of them.  They have tongue twisting names, and are very warm hearted.


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