Friday, December 8, 2006

The home stretch's the home stretch....

....the closet/bathroom is the last big project to do before we leave for Texas.

We still have a few small things to put in a new hand rail on the stairs....but the main time taker is that bathroom. 

I still have to finish the last bit of packing and then set a date for the moving trailer to come so we can load it up.  We chose a company that has you pack and load the trailer yourself, and they'll drive your stuff to the new location.  It was a bit more than just doing a UHaul, but worth it, in my opinion...because I was NOT driving through Houston by myself.  I kid you not, driving through Houston is Hell On Earth.


It's just sunk in how crazy it is going to get here.  Ack.  I just want to walk out and be done.  Somebody cross their arms and blink for me.  (Lisa?!  Can Emma work her blinky-magic for me?  LOL)

If I'm not commenting on y'all's journals.....know that I'm still reading.....but just pressed for time.  I know...I'm addicted to your lives!  I rush in, read all my entries alerts, and rush out.... hee hee....

and now....I'm going to go rock myself in a corner.  Heh...

(an added note - Ryan's eye is fine....just a particle stuck in there, so the doctor got it out and sent her home with eye drops.  Ryan's friend said 'Heyyyy an injury!  You'll be able to get out of work!'  Ryan said 'Not in this family, dude.'  ROFL)


  1. nope no work for the weary lol Man its geting close. Had you better set a date soon or they will not have an avaiable trucks or drivers that close to the holidays???????????  BLINK BLINK BLINK BLINK my blinker is on the blink!!!!!!!! figures!!!!!!!!! love your pics Love to see OTHERS remodel

  2. by the way the neutral color is the color of my house. all my walls just about. share more pics and its funny to see some wearing shorts when its like 1 degree windchill here lol

  3. Don't rock too hard. You don't want to get any neutral on ya. Wish I could lend you a hand but my arm doesn't reach to Florida, or even to Texas. But if it did, I'd send it...even just to get one hand out of winter world. Take care.

  4. I do that rush in rush out thing too. Love the neutral color babe
    okay rushing out baby wants a bottle Hugs, Marina

  5. Glad Ryan's all right.  Gawd, I do not envy you guys right now.

    (((hugs to Amy and family)))


  6. you are making me tired with all the work you all are doing!

  7. I bet you can't wait until this is all over with...packing and moving is a huge job. When we moved from NJ to NV jeeze, the work...I was exhausted :)


  8. whats the point in decorating if you move out?
    Is this an american thing or are you just very a messy smelly family :o)

  9. Moving house is sheer hell, I absolutely agree.

  10. LMAO about the out of work comment

  11. I was WAITING to hear about Ryan's condition....but I understand you're dealing with some chaos at the moment.  I despise the state of Texas (horrible U.S. presidents come from there), but Austin is pretty hip and liberal.  Lots of awesome bookstores and little independent cinemas.  And the RESTAURANTS!!!  You'll like it.  That river walk is a great place to cruise the CHICOS!!  ;)


  12. Yeah, you will be glad when this is done!  I hate, hate, hate moving.  I go into fetal position just thinking about it!

  13. sounds like a lot going on. LOL No getting out of work. I hope the eye heals fast.

  14. OMG, looking at just these few pictures of all the work you have had to do gives me the willies.  I can't believe how much has to get done before you move!  By the way, I love that Jessie used a spray painter thingie to paint with.  I think I will do that next time I paint.  Much easier to cover dark colors.  I don't envy you having to move, not one bit!  I hate it!
    Hugs and love,

  15. I am so jealous of that nice big closet!  We had a nice closet in our townhome in Palmer Lake.  It looks great.  I know you are glad that parts over now.  Hope you find your own place real soon.

    Happy New Year!~


    P.S.  You and anybody else who reads this has just been tagged!  Read entry to see what I mean.  Hee.......


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