Saturday, December 9, 2006

Horror of Horrors!

I had nowhere else to turn.... 

I knew you all, my friend, would share in my sadness and pain.

It is a sad day for me.

My coffeepot broke.  Broke right in two pieces.  The handle just disconnected itself from the glass carafe, spilling and wasting my precious coffee.

You all know my current situation.  Does it SEEM like I needed that?  Coffee is my only saviour in the Hell I'm Living In Right Now.

::Amy thinks::

Hmm....Lowe's had a very large selection of coffee pots the other day.....and I know we'll go to Lowe's for one thing or another soon enough.....

Ok...OK.....but still.....::SHRIEK:: with me and share in my temporary misery, won't you?

Thank you for your support.  (Hee... B&J reference)


  1. Isn't your coffee pot fairly new?  Umm.... maybe not.  I've known you for maybe five (??) years, so...yeah.  No matter, I guess.

    Psst:  You don't have to buy a whole new coffeepot if it's just the carafe that's broken.  You may be able to get just a new pitcher, dahhhling.


  2. Try sucking on a frozen pizza roll until the feeling passes. ~Mary
    <is drinking a latte & would share, but you don't really want to live in New Jersey just for free latte's, do you?

  3. OH amy amy amy If I was your neighbor I d loan you mine. Yes get you some coffee soon very soon. Bowing my head in amoment of silence for the coffee pot ...............

  4. When I was in AZ, and had all ceramic tile flooring, I stumbled to the water cooler for water, filled up my carafe, turned around to poor it into the coffee machine, and I somehow DROPPED it!  Just flew outof my hands!  It shattered at my feet.  I stood for a moment, soaking in what had just happend, and I burst into tears!  I cried and cried for my coffee pot.  I had no money for another, so I felt as though my life was over!  It's funny, now, but it wasn't at the time!
    My advice...don't buy glass!  There are some very good, sturdy hard plastic pieced ones!

  5. I've decided the next time I have an extra $100 to spend, I'm going back to a Bunn.

  6. EEEEEEEEKKK!!! Now I feel guilty for drinking two cups this morning while eating YOUR Cherry Pecan Oatmeal Cookies. No, you didn't need this right now and someone (ahem--husband) should go battle the hell which is holiday shopping on a Saturday to get you a new carafe.
    :-( gottahavecoffeegottahavecoffee...Cin

  7. Very sad indeed!  moment of get to Lowe's and pick out something cool!

  8. awww...and there I was at my church this morning and saw an extra one sitting inthe corner all neglected....

  9. omg when I read sadness and pain I thought something happened to the dogs...whew i was relieved. Then again I dont have to live with you without

  10. I once had the handle come away from a full teapot. Tea made with LEAVES...

  11. I have had 4 coffeepots break on me over the past few years.  Something about filling them up and then slamming the glass against the faucet.  Yep, that's me, a klutz.  At least yours broke without you doing anything to it!  I would have been out 1 hour later and buying another one.  Can't live without my java!!!  Hope you did get one!
    Hugs and love,

  12. Maybe you can find a nice coffeepot in AUSTIN!!  ;)  Give me a break, woman.  It's the weekend and I'm usually quite beered-up when I stagger through J-Land.  And also when I'm not.  


  13. Oh Amy, what I wouldn't do to have a coffee pot right now.  There doesn't seem to be such an animal over here.  Everything is a kettle of water and instant.  I'd probably wrestle an old woman for a Mr. Coffee!  And you sure brought back memories when you mentioned Lowes.  I used to buy my Christmas trees there.  They were lovely!



  14. Dear Lord, please be with Amy as she goes through this difficult time.  Be with all of the others who enjoyed the fine brew that came from Mr. Pot's spout.  While we mourn the passing of this fine appliance, please help Amy to control her rage.  Also, help my family keep FAR from her, until a replacement has been purchased.  Amen.

  15. Shrieking with ya!  Can ya hear me?  Sorry I am about a month late though.  Better late than never, no?  I don't drink coffee.  I drink hot chocolate.  I make tea in my coffee pot, lol.

    Happy New Year!~



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