Friday, December 1, 2006

Nobody said it had to be a VERB

A few days ago, Jesse and Ryan were busy on some project and Adrian was feeling lonely, so I stopped what I was doing and we played a game of Pictionary.

Now the set up for this story is as follows:

Adrian is 8.

He really loves Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends on Cartoon Network. (Go ahead and look at that page.  I'll wait.) on with the story.  Adrian rolls the dice and draws his card.  He looks at it and nods his head.  I'm impressed because some of the words are hard to read.  He goes to draw and I look at it and think 'Nahh...why would he....well.....hmm....I didn't realize the game was that new....but maybe...ok...whatever...'

and I said "Wilt?!"

He grins wildly and says "You got it, Mom!!"

I'm thinking 'Since when did Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends make it to Pictionary....' so I look at his card.  wilt.  The action.  Like a flower can wilt.

LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL...... seriously, can he be any cuter?!




  1. That's awesome! He draws well, too. I love how kids think.

  2. ahh I love kids art work, way to go mom...

  3. oh my wish I had a young one around. I really do.

  4. Never heard of that show... but hey you got a smart kid!!! Great artist too!


  5. That's great!  And what's more that you guessed it!  I would have been stumped!

  6. That an awesome Wilt from Fosters!!!  My kids love that show too!  Emma calls Eduardo "Eggwardo".  LOL!  Good for Adrian!  He is one smart cookie that one!  :)
    Hugs and love,

  7. Please don't talk about our love-child too much, Amy.  Jesse will kick my ass.  Give our son a kiss tonight, okay?


  8. I hope you told him he was wrong and that he lost :o)
    You cant teach him that rule bending is ok. :o)

    Good drawing though, looks like Paris Hilton.

  9. Nahhhh, he can't.  He is adorable anyway, but little things like that make him more so.  :-)

    Merry Christmas!~



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