Monday, December 4, 2006

Q and A with Amy

Q:  What does my Baby Girl have in common with a doctor?  or even a well seasoned nurse...

A:  They're both sitting in the E.R. tonight. father, like daughter.  Neither of them know how to use some damned safety glasses.  She has what I assume is a drywall particle lodged in her eye.

9 years ago, when we lived in California, Jesse got a piece of metal lodged in his eye and we had to drive 5 hours to a military base that had an eye doctor.  Stupid, yes?  That was only one of many random things that have gone flying into his eye...

House projects were going injuries to speak of...just a random splinter or cut here and there..... so this is the first casualty.  Ah well....the last time Ryan was in the E.R.....I think she was 5.  At least it'll give her something to tell her friends...



  1. Eeeesh!  Eye problems are just the worst!  Ryan will be okay.  And she'll learn the lesson of 'disappear when the family is doing chores'.  


  2. Poor Ryan!! Ouch! Tell her I'm thinking of her.



  3. oh my  I hate people in my face or especailly eye poor ryan. Sounds like your getting things done timly and I know your excited about the move.

  4. Poor Ryan!!!!  I hope everything worked out in the ER.  My hubby won't wear the safety glasses he is given and are mandatory at his job either.  I once by mistake hit by eye with a mascara wand and had a hard time seeing for 2 days.  When I went for a routine eye exam the doctor asked me what trauma happened to my eye because I now have a permanent scar in there from a mascara wand!!!  Who would have thunk it!  
    Hugs and love,

  5. youch,how did things go???

  6. I was in a auto accident, January 14, 1990.  I got a piece of glass lodged in my eye.  They had to turn out the lights in the E.R. examination room and use a special light to find it.  They got it out, put some drops in my eye, and patched it for 24 hours because the glass had scratched my eye.  No ill effects today from it.  Hope they find it, get it out, and she is as fortunate as I was.

    Love ya,


  7. I HATE THE ER!!! Hope Ryan wears safety glasses from now on. Oh yeah, I am a big fan of those.

  8. At least you have a good perspective on it.  I hope she will suffer no long term damage.

  9. How is she this morning??  Give her a hug from me.


  10. Goggles, dare I whisper. Hope she recovers soon.

  11. I once had a piece of candy stuck in my left nostril. I didnt go to the ER though. I was 23 and very drunk. The things you do to make people laugh!!!
    It came out after about 15 minutes anyway.

  12. oh no the poor kid...poor
    hey not going to the ER since she was 5 is pretty

  13. Aww that poor girls must really hurt
    hope it's much better now
    Big Hugs, Marina

  14. We've had four ER trips for eye injuries...the funniest was when Tabby stuck her toe in her eye and scratched her cornea. Don't ask.


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