Monday, January 22, 2007

Doin' okay....

I know I've been quite the downer lately.  To be expected, I guess.  A big move like ours turns everything topsy turvy.  To all of you that have commented and emailed....bless you.  Your words are helping me to chug along.  My point in yammering (yes, sometimes I actually do have one) is that when I'm feeling a little down, I've been going to journals that always soothe me or make me smile. 

(A little shout out to my English Lovlies....Marie, Susie, Jeanie......<okay, and you, too, Chris....although I know you're cringing at being called a 'lovely'...LOL>  You all help feed my obsession with moving to the UK.)

So.  ::clears throat::  Right, then. 

Jesse will be back in phone range by Thursday, and back to Texas on Saturday, so I am excited, excited, excited.  This weekend went quickly - which was a relief.  He should be back in enough time to get a little taste of the coming 'COLD WEATHER FRONT'  <erm.  whatever.  LOL  But coming from 80 degree weather in Key West, he may have to reacclimate.>

Anyway....thank you thank you thank you...all....for showin' me some love lately.  You all have no idea how much you mean to me.




  1. oh so good to hear from you and wish I could do more and make happyier entries to liven your day. Im hoping to work on one tomrrow. I was going to today but Raachael was in a "SMALL" accident hit and run!!!!!!! so that took my time up

  2. Helloooo!   Shouting right back at you and hoping you have begun to settle in a bit more?   Roll on Saturday....!!  Then you will feel much better.  Jeanie

  3. AMY!!! I always get happy when I see an alert for your journal. Glad Jesse will be home soon (but not soon ENOUGH, I'll bet) and that your crazy weather is just about over. --Cin

  4. Big upheavals are always exciting... and maddening, and annoying and... <LOL> Soon as you guys get a place of your own and get settled you'll look back on this time and, o.k.... maybe not laugh, but at least cringe a little less <g> Hang in there kid, this too shall pass!!

  5. Im glad you will soon speak to your honey, I love how you miss him so.

  6. A big move, Jesse not there.  It's a lot.  Better days will be here soon.  ~ Mike

  7. I'm sorry Jesse is away.  I pray for him a safe return very soon and that you all find a nice place to move into where you all can be very happy.  Sorry I have been away so much.  Life happens, ya know.  Hee......

    I still love ya,


    P.S.  Need some Maxine?  ::giggle::

  8. Hey babe, I will be here no matter if you update once per month, not going anywhere!  You make me smile and you make me laugh and I love to read your updates on life.  Glad Jesse will be home soon (oops, almost put an 'ie' instead of just an 'e" at the end of his name!)!  That will be such a relief to have him home in the family unit again!!!
    Hugs and lots of love,

  9. What?  Wait... you didn't give ME a shout out as being a smile-giver???  Dang!  That settles it -- I need to post more Helen Keller jokes!!  :p


  10. Amy, glad Jesse will be coming back soon, would you like the link to my journal ? Let me know, Hugs Lisa

  11. So Jesse is going to be getting pletny of "lovin" soon then!!
    Yeah baby!!!

  12. I'm so glad that your Jesse is coming home tomorrow.  I bet that will be a fine reunion with sparks flying and all sorts of energy lighting up the night sky!  Bless!


  13. I'm very happy that Jesse will be back, you will feel much better :)  Hugz, Teresa

  14. Hi there, lovely to here from you again.  

    I am sorry but the video diary will not be coming on air, I simply have not the equipment, not yet for a while, to be able to do this task.

    By the way, I have tried to access your journals and the first three, on your list, do not work on my computer.  Instead of there being letters there are numbers in their place.

    By for now,



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