Thursday, January 18, 2007

words of wisdom from the 16 yr old

Ryan:  "Mom?  Either we're both too sensitive or we have crappy friends."

I'm inclined to agree with her.  But, what're ya gonna do, I s'pose.

An ice storm here in San Antonio shut down the majority of the city for 5 days.  I'm sure the people up north are laughing their heads off at us.  So.  Yeah.  5 days.  Crammed in my moms house.  With no escape.  I know, I'm still a ray of sunshine, aren't I?



  1. Glad to see you writing again, Ryan is wise :)  We are up east of Dallas and we had a lot of ice and sleet also, now it's just downright COLD.  Keep your chin up. Blessings & Hugz, Teresa

  2. im up north and we havnt had any cold weather till the last 2 days I am trying to adjust now that I was used to the 50-60 degrees we were getting. we are supose to see a little snow tonight, im afraid we will get slamed with it in febuary to make up for our lack

  3. Ummmm.... from a mom's point of view.... how's SHE holding up?


  4. Amy, I would be going out of my mind trapped in my place too, Hugs Lisa

  5. oh I wnat ot her from you more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yup I kind of agree with RYAN. well you know ice is pretty rough sometimes worse than snow !!!!!!

  6. I blame W for this crappy weather.  We all should.


    ps (glad to see you're back!)

  7. I've been dispatcing auto transport into and out of TX for three days now and YIKES! Luckily my truckin' brother was raised in Minnesota and doesn't see the problem...until he finds a major highway CLOSED. I keep having to remind him that I used to live in TX and this kind of weather just doesn't happen there. Crazy, razy weather for you folks down there. I hope it all clears up soon. And I agree with Russ--let's blame Bush.--Cin

  8. Oh man that sounds like winter of 95-96 when I was in Starkville MS! I got up to answer the phone & my long haired cat sat on my heating pad & he wouldn't give it up then! HA! Everyone thought I would love the weather being from the north...heck we deal with snow here but NOT ice! I feel for you Girl! We ar just starting to dip down in temp & get a bit of snow but we have had an unseasonably warm winter so far. Take Care! Find the blessings in disquise! :-)

  9. They would have to prescibe Valium to me after five days with my mom--and then up the dose to near lethal levels....

  10. I would have slit my wrists on the 1st day!!  I would be cranky too!  LOL!
    Hugs and love,

  11. Five days at your mums?  Shoot me now!  I just can't imagine that hell.  I guess it would be alot like being in suspended animation.  It's taken me a while to read the journals so I imagine that you are home now, and everything is back to normal.  Hang in there, sweetie!


  12. It has been unseasonably warm here in the deep south.  Guess all that warm air is coming up from Florida.  Hee hee!~

    I'm on the computer everyday.  If ya get bored, just email me.  We'll chat.  :-)

    Love ya,



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