Monday, February 12, 2007

"Hey, Amy, Hey!"

My brother, like most 15 year olds, has a number of 'catch phrases' that I've heard often.  Most of them don't even click in my head, but.......

he has (had?) a particular one that drove me crazy.

"Hey, Amy, hey!"

"Hey, Mom, hey!"

One 'hey' isn't enough?  and is a 'hey' really necessary at all?


4 weeks ago, I bet him $5.00 that he couldn't NOT say 'hey' for the whole Sunday.

He tried....and said 'Hey, Amy, hey!' 20 minutes after he had gotten up.  LOL

So, every Sunday, that was our running bet....and for three Sundays, he tried....and forgot the deal and ended up saying 'Hey!'.....

Until this Sunday.  He won his $5.00.  It was worth it to me because I feel like I helped the grammar skills just a teeny bit.  It was worth it to him, because he's all about the money and $5.00 is $5.00.  When I handed it to him, I gave him 5 ones.

Tyler:  Coolness....five ones....

Me:  Try not to spend it all on the same stripper.

Tyler:  Aw, mannnnnnnn

But seriously, let's hope he spends it on Doritos and Coke from the vending machines, okay?!



  1. Well that is a new one. I haven't heard that yet. I'll have to watch for it. I have a niece who will be 16 next week.

  2. Well that is a new one. I haven't heard that yet. I'll have to watch for it. I have a niece who will be 16 next week.

  3. Don't tell your brother this -- but (from your description) I pictured him being just like Leo Dicaprio's character in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?".  I hope that's not true.  I'm sure it's not true.

    Russ (XOXOXO)

  4. OH man Im getting a picture of ANDY TAYLOR lol saying heay lol kind of like that. that is so too funny. I been wondering about you. Excitedly waiting for a new entry. Hoping to to hear theres the new home. .
    Yup five ones way to go.
    By the way we kept the new lap top took us forever but there is some things different about vistas and you just gotta get use to them. I got the nicest circut city guy help us out over the phone three times. Got a great bellsouth helper TWICE and two HP (had to call about mine to get it all up and working right together thats the way VISTA IS all the techs think they will fix all that by service pack two) anyway two hp workers that are simply awesome. . the one bellsouth person that was the best cherful and friendly and helpful so kind was a man named Katrina with a New york accent. We even cracked up laughing so many times while waiting on this or that. First my pc was working slow then his was and he said HONEY dont worry  we are all slowing down. Just gotta hope we keep it going fast enough for a low purr to roll out and he did that RRRRRLLLLLLLL roll like I have never been able to do that people can do. Wish I could get him all the time he knew his stuff and work arounds.

  5. Amy, that is funny, everytime people used to say hey to me I would say "Hay is for horses, lol, Hugs Lisa

  6. That reminds me of when our daughter copied a mannerism from one of her friend when she was little; which annoyed us all.  She would make this little puckered up mwah (as though she was going to blow you a kiss with her lips, and then she would pull her lips back and then stretch her mouth into a wide circle-like yawn.  This went on for ages until we all made a pact to do it back to her every time she did it.   She soon stopped when she saw how many times she was doing it....Lol!  Well done to you too Amy!  Thanks for the comments on my garden....It took years to get it that way but I love it too.  Some of it is borrowed scenery from the woodland behind us.  Hope you are surviving the move and all that entailed.  Jeanie

  7. hey, Amy, hey....just had to say it. If I stop, will you send me five ones for the strippers. C'mon, Amy, the strippers need to buy new g-strings...I mean groceries. Good to hear from ya!--Cin

  8. I do the same thing as Lisa.  When someone says Hey, I say, "Hay is for horses."  Well done, Amy!~

    Love ya,


  9. It's so good to hear your sense of humour is back!  This made me smile.  Thanks for sharing!


  10. I have the same thing about people that say "you know" at the end of their "sentences" all the's like "ya know?" or "my mother is on my butt, ya know?" - enjoying seeing/hearing you happy :)  Hugz, Teresa


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