Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Yes, I'm still alive....

I've not much to say, but i thought I would check in since I've gotten a few emails asking if I was still alive.  There's not much to report....we're still at my moms' house.

Erm.  I think I'm starting to get depressed.  Y'all know I'm a loner....so the constant clamor of people is kinda taxing me.  I mean, not like I'm ungrateful, because at least I'm not living in the van, but.....::sigh::  eh.  The less said, the better, I s'pose.

One cheery note, though..... Bill Miller's sweet tea.  Good stuff, that.



  1. Glad you are still "alive" but wish you had more alone time. Now you have me wanting some sweet tea. Mmmm. I'm off to the kitchen.--Hang in there, Cin

  2. It has to be so hard staying in someone elses home when you are used to your own

  3. I'd be going nuts too, in your shoes.  Just remember... it's only temporary.  And everything is a learning experience.

  4. OH man I KNOW how you feel the boys have been looing for a job since early in Dec. then they got one had it two weeks and got let go for producing too many aprts in a factory!!!!!!!!!! man!!!!!!!!! can you believe that them and three others do a good job adn get let go. SO now Pray with me they get a first shift job. them being here all the time except at bed time is driving me batty. and its snowing like crazy here.

  5. Can sympathise, Amy, I'd find it a chore too to be in the middle of a crowd all of a sudden.

  6. I'd be depressed, too. I like my solitude, not to mention my own space. Hang in, this to shall pass. I'm just glad you are alive and enjoying Bill Miller's sweet tea.

  7. Don't forget the brownies at Bill Miller's. We had both Saturday. Paula

  8. I'm so happy that you're not 'not-alive'!!  I adore the non-dead Amy very much!!  ;)


  9. I just checked out Bill Miller's Menu.....my those menus sound delicious!  I'm glad you popped in to post your entry.   See?   You cheered me up today.  Bless you.
    Sorry to hear you are feeling low.  Just keep your eyes on the end game.  And know that your friends are all rooting for you to bounce back again.   Jeanie

  10. I would go nuts staying in a home with a bunch of people.  I feel anxiety just with my own children and hubby in this house nevermind adding a few more people!  Hang in there chicky!
    Hugs and lots of love,

  11. I'm a loner too, had to get used to having a large family...I know how you feel...hope you have a better week ahead, hugs,

  12. Living in the van sounds cool though!
    I could do that...if I could drive that is.

    Im a loner too. People smell! :O)

  13. As a loner, married to a loner, I hear ya!  Perhaps some shielding would help?  I don't think your personality is going to change in the course of this stay, so definitely, shield sweetie!


  14. Is your honey back yet?  Mine ain't.  ::sigh::  He is still down south.  He always goes to bed before me.  I miss my warm bed.  ::biiiig siiiigh::

    Hang in there!~

    Love ya,


  15. Hang in there babes I know you can do it!
    Big Hugs, Marina


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