Monday, March 19, 2007

Is that the sun I see?!

There is a little sunshine in my day, so I thought I'd better document it as proof.

First, Spring Break is over and the house is once again...nice and quiet for most of the day.  Just me and my babies...

Secondly, we have finally reached a point with the realtor where she is finally understanding us and our wants.  The initial flakiness wore off or something, but we've been looking at alot of houses.  We've only found one (ONE!) that we've liked enough to want a second look though.  The realtor said that more houses would be coming on the market because people who want to sell don't list their house til the month before their kids are out of school for summer, so I guess we'll just have to be patient.  So many houses....great yard, terrible house....terrible yard, awesome house.....gyahh....WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY


I'm okay.

and mom, who usually comes home for her usual 15 minute lunch of Coca Cola told me that a lady at work is starting her own Kitty Cottage here in San Antonio.  I'm hoping that it's somewhere close enough that I can volunteer on a regular basis and another kitty.  Hee...


  1. Okay Amy, I have to ask . . . . .what's a Kitty Cottage?  Two cats are always better than one!  Especially if they are both kittens!


  2. Nice to hear from you again!

  3. Yes....what is a Kitty Cottage?   So glad to see you around again.  Its been too long waiting to hear from you. You've been missed a lot! By the way I took the sheep photos knowing how much your little one loves sheep.  I will look for some more for her...and you.  Lol! Good luck with the house huntin'.  Jeanie in the Lakes.

  4. Hope you find the perfect house and soon!  Don't even talk to me about kitties!  I just had to change my litter box that Fonzie aka Fatcat always seems to miss with his big rump!!!!!  He is so cute though, I guess he's worth it.  :-)

    Love ya,


  5. It will all come together soon. And then you can move boxes again. (argh!) Enjoy your day. Keep posting...I missed you!--Cin

  6. Yes wait Amy, or take the one you already love...
    Your mother is brave wow

  7. I think I would hate hosue hunting!!!

  8. Good luck on the house hunt, Amy

  9. Glad you're back and updating!  And glad you have some sunshine!!  Your first sentence reminded me of that song Pebbles and Bam Bam sang "let the sunshine in/sprinkle it with...(something)"  'member?


  10. send some sun my way............. Warm temps too. I knowwhat you mean about yards and houses. Cantw e have it all?????? Ihope you find just the right thing soon. I know you want out on your own sapce and I cant wait to have my amy back

  11. I clicked on the kitty cottage link. Why is there pictures of monkeys on the front page?
    There, top right corner. 2 little scary monkeys!


  12. one day its cold one day it rainy and warm. LOL. Come on Sun. Hope you enjoy the quiet of the house.

  13. My cat's gone nutzoid.  Does your mom take donations?  hee hee Just kidding, I wouldn't trade my furrball-upchucking, in-my-face-sneezing, furr-but-on-my-head-at-3AM kitty for anything!  
    Good luck with the house hunt. Or come to WV and buy mine - I'm ready to move to something equipped with a live-in maid.  And gardner.  And butler.  And...

  14. They're not monkeys, they're Siamese!!  :-)

    Amy, if anyone wants to know what a Kitty Cottage is, you just send them my way and I'll tell 'em all about it.

    Kitty Heaven is what I like to call it.

    Good luck with the house hunting!


  15. Uh-oh, I see more kitties in your future.  I couldn't work at one of those places, I would want to take them ALL home and that would not make my hubby happy.  LOL!  We looked at about 100 houses before we finally found our house years ago.  And, it's true about the people waiting until school is out to put their house on the market.  You will find something soon, just try and be patient.  

  16. I see cats in your future, perhaps in a variety of ways. I hope more houses come on the market, soon! Glad you've worked it out with realtor. Margo


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