Thursday, March 1, 2007



Perusing poetry sites, I came across this gem.....

Huddled in a corner,
Fears her own emotions,
Sat under a dark cloud,
Which persists on staying.
Where are you?
She calls out.
Why won't you help me now?
What have I done that is so wrong?
Her face a petrified frown.
No one to provide answers,
No one to stop her tears,
How can they?
How can they overcome her fears?
Please, is all she mumbles,
When lying awake at night,
Please, she sobs,
Why must I fight?
I reach out my hand to her,
I cry at her despair,
I fear for her mindless anger,
Tell me why I must care?
Her eyes blurred with bitter tears,
Innocently stare back into mine,
I never asked for much, she cried,
Maybe it will be better next time.
Lost from her own conscience,
A small child faced with adult fears,
I cannot understand how to help,
As she drowns in her own tears.
But she can see my hand before her,
And she chooses to look away,
I can't be strong anymore, she instructs,
Please just go away.

~Ella Provan

 erm...hopefully nobody takes that poem to mean *I'm* saying 'go away' 'cause that's definitely not the case..... but other peoples' poetry is safer than my own thoughts....



  1. Hi Amy, That poem is so emotive. Brings back to mind images of my own past as a small child, scared of trusting anyone yet wanting love and comfort so very much.

    Love,  Cathy.  xxx

  2. Humm, and what was the title??
    It sounds like something to do with mental health to me

  3. The title of the poem is 'Drowning'


  4. Goddess do I "get" that poem - thank you for sharing ((((Amy)))) Hugz, Teresa

  5. Safer than your own thoughts...hmmm...please take care of yourself. I know that is so hard to do right now and where you are but you (and your family) are worth hanging in there for. --Cin

  6. My baby girl would like this, as it is deep.  It's right up her ally.  Sending her the link. :-)

    Love ya,


  7. How very sad....this is so full of hurt, pain and feelings which are distancing themselves slowly from  a painful reality.  Very deep!   Jeanie

  8. OH AMY we are here for you adn I know you need a HOME of your own. I pray you get one soon adn can work on that even renting one. I tknow this has been hard. I loved seeing your family in your entries. Please amy share whe you can with us. I feel so bad I just wish I could hug you.

  9. Does it help to know that I adore you?  Probably not.  Just keep that in mind.


  10. Are you using this poem to tell me to "go away"?



  11. This is a beautiful poem!

  12. the liquor store is stillup the road from me!!!  LOL

  13. Thank you. It speaks to the two year old in me. Margo


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