Monday, April 9, 2007

Playing Catch-Up

Good grief!  Has it been THAT long since I last did an entry!?!

Ah well, it seems I'm always playing catch-up, anyway.

Let's see....we're on Realtor # 3.  (who is a sweetheart.  We may actually keep this one!  LOL)  Still haven't found the house that 'makes our toes curl' - as she puts it, but eh...the summer months are coming and alot of people move after kids are out of school so we'll see what comes up.

...and my mom had a birthday.  We Silly String'd her.  Haaa.....  it was a 'we couldn't have planned this better if we tried' moment.  My mom walked outside because the fire truck was at a couple houses down....'cause you know...gotta see what's going on...but....primo opportunity to do the Silly String outside with no mess in the house.  I'll say.....the kids got her GOOD.  You could barely see her hair for the mounds of Silly String.  LOL

.....and then of course, Easter.  We did confetti eggs (cascarones) but this year, my younger sister decides she's going to fill some with glitter.  'Ha Ha' she thinks.  We'll guess who ended up getting both glitter eggs cracked over her head.  Thar's right, my sister.  My brother thought it'd be great to fill one with flour.  You'll never guess who got that one.  Heh.  We had the usual ham, mac ' cheese, green beans with bacon, corn on the cob, la la la....etc....but of course, the best part of all that is the cold ham the next day on a sweet Hawaiian roll.  We shan't discuss the obscene amounts of chocolate consumed, because just the tought of it gives me a headache.  We allll had overshot our consumption stopping point and wound up buzzed yesterday.  Ah well....

Anyhoo....that's it for me.....I'm off to go searching the 'net for more house listings.  ::sigh::


  1. now where are ht epics of this incident. I miss those pics but it sounds so great like could ot have happened better at all

  2. good luck with the house hunting

  3. Yes, Amy, it has been much too long between entries. I missed you! Hope you find your dream house soon. --Cin

  4. Hey their is no loyalties with realtors.  The one who provides gets the money.  Welcome back.  ~ Mike

  5. I could be a real bringdown here and tell you that Silly String is bad for the environment, but I won't.  I don't recycle my beer cans and I'm sure I've inadvertently killed more fragile little animals and/or plants than you ever could.  



  6. Don't give up on the house-hunting.  It will come along eventually.  It's just waiting out there for you.  It sounds as if you had a really "hands-on" Easter!  Glad it was so much fun.


  7. sounds like a fun easter. Nothing like silly stringing your mom and good. LOL.

  8. Sounds like you had fun! :o)

  9. Isnt silly string made from dyed mouse poop?

  10. Sounds like you had an awesome holiday! Silly String? They still sell that stuff? I haven't had silly string in ages.........Hmm me and silly string, might not be safe, I would end up silly stringing everyone I could fine, including strangers ( Who knows might give them a smile.) (Hugs) Indigo

  11. OMG what an exciting life you have! I did not realise you lived in the States! I loooooooove the USA. I was born by mistake I think in another part of the world Grrrrrrr... Can you find me an american hubby? a lovely one please. Not young, I like them mature, like my tomatoes :D Confetti eggs?? how painful can this be! ah! and don't tell me about chocolate or cascades of it, my hips and cheeks like it too much. You look to me like you don't need a diet at all. You know that it is easy to get some Batavia seeds (lettuce) and grow them yourself. Ok I see that no house found yet that makes your toes curl (funny expression, love it)... it will come, don't worry. take it easy. I have to get ready to go to some job interviews. It's been so long, I need everything, hair do, clothes, I don't know how we do anymore to lok good, lost the habit. Keep in touch. (waht is a wiccan?)

  12. he he. just thought id leave an unexpected comment to brighten your day


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