Monday, May 14, 2007

The Best Cookies Ever...and oh, yeah...

Another Mothers Day come and gone.

We celebrated for my mom on Saturday (with dinner out at Olive Garden for both of us - to avoid the crowds on Sunday).... and she got a pretty good amount of stuff... (like a fahhhhbulous pink flamingo)

Sunday, was for me, though.  I celebrated Mothers Day to its' fullest by mothering and babying my very sick, feverish Small Fry.  I won't complain at all though, because I love to do it.  Babying them all brings me happiness.  Go figure....

Oh, sure, I got stuff.  My kids know me well....and gave me several packages of The best cookies ever.....and clothes, jewelry, a very cool gothic picture frame, a book on Vampires, some kitchen stuff, la la la, etc.  You'll never guess which one I opened first though.  ::Amy chews::

Oh.  and we put two offers out on houses.  ::pause::  There is only a week and a half left til school is out, so dammit, I better have a house and soon.

(Oh!  I totally forgot to mention that Jesse bought me a game for my phone - Bejeweled....and now I understand why people are always messing with their phones.  I'm freaking addicted to this game!  Thank you, honey!!!)


  1. I play bejewled on the pc alot I like it. Great can I see the two houeses you are looking at?????? I ll send you info on th e two Todd took me to see. He is finally in a mood to get a HOUSE like I like we may finally come close to an agreement!!!!!! I ll email you the link.  I love peperigdge farm cookies yum with you. I hope you get those houese. Yes babying a sick child is a great mtohers day. Its better than not having one at all. I heard a story sunday from a guy and I mean on mothers day adn it upset me greatly. AND made me mad as HELL!!!!!!! I think I need a break from things. I really doIm a bit tiffy if you know. I ll emai lyou the ink in a minute

  2. glad u had a happy mothers day, hope u get the house soon

  3. I will keep you in mind whilst I am away Amy.  I'm so happy that you had a lovely weekend.  Good luck with the house hunting...I pray that you get one before the hols.....please God!


  4. Two offers on houses sounds really good!!! And I love those PF cookies too. Sounds like a good day. Hope the little one is feeling better.
    Damn, I didn't get a pink flamingo (pout)
    ;-) Cin

  5. I'm a huge fan of the PF Milano cookies, dunk them in black coffee the chocolate melts with the Mint...........K back, sorry to hear your small fry wasn't feeling well. Sounds like you made out like a bandit for Mother's Day. Two offers down to boot, the world is definitely looking up these days for you hon. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed one of the houses goes through for you! As for Bejeweled it's addictive, I play it on my computer all the time. (Hugs) Indigo

  6. Good to hear you had a nice day, in spite of having to act nurse, Amy lol

  7. I'm a fan of Bejeweled too!  But but careful -- that game is a gateway for Satan to get into your heart!!  ;)


  8. Oh yes, those are GOOD cookies.  I have never been to Olive Garden, but am really hoping that I get to go someday.  I have heard so many good things about it!  HOpe the small fry is feeling better!

  9. Blimey! You got lots of stuff for Mothers Day.
    It was in March over here and I gave my Mum a fancy looking plant.

    Good news on the house stuff.
    But only a week and a half till school is out??
    For the summer or just a small break?

    I used to be addicted to playing "Collapse" and "Monopoly" on my phone.
    I went cold turkey though.

  10. seraphoflove9001May 15, 2007 at 2:24 AM

    Sounds like great gifts for Mother's day! :o) Crossing fingers and toes for you on the bids on the houses. :o) Sorry to hear about your little small fry...poor thing.

  11. Dammit, I don't have any cookies.  I want cooooookies!!!

    I got little homemade stuff from the munchkins, it was sweet.  We don't generally do much for Mother's or Father's day in my family, though.  Wouldn't it make more sense to celebrate mother's day on each kid's birthday?  And father's day... hmm... count back nine months... yep, daddy was workin' hard then, but likely not complaining a bit.  LOL.

  12. Sounds like a great day, especially the cookies. I'm still sending offer accepting energy across cyberspace, so perhaps it'll help with the final end of house hunting. Hang in, Margo

  13. This is disgusting AMY! you... chewing... some nice lovely melting chocolate biscuits!! and sharing this with us but only online!!! how do you dare!...saying this I could not resist the taste of chocolate myself today. It is a real temptation, an evilish one hmm
    cross fingers for your house


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