Friday, May 4, 2007


Well.  It's not talking about things that jinx me.  It's just me, in general. 

We have looked at at least 50 houses.  More than likely more.

Two evenings ago, we found a house that was perfect.  I couldn't find one thing I didn't like. 

We put in an offer.

It had been on the market 115 days.  2 contracts on that house had fallen through, so we offered the full asking price.

Our realtor hyped us up.  It would take less than 30 days to close and move in, she said. 

We got all of our paperwork signed, faxed, checks made....and turned them in yesterday afternoon.

This morning, Jesse got a call that it was already on contract.

::shoulders slump::

I honestly can't take much more of this.


  1. Are we allowed to cuss in comments?  

    What the mother$!#%$#@ ^$%#sucking HELL is this?  God, honey... that sucks beyond belief.


  2. Don't give up, though.  This one could fall through...

  3. I am praying the contract falls thru!!! and you get it!!!

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed that the -other- contract falls thru!! This s#cks hon!

  5. OH my goodnesss {{{{{{{{{{{{{MAY}}}}}}}}}}}  how cna that be. I pray this one falls thru I pray that if not something else comes along. OH PLEASE PLEASE Get a hosue for AMY all the thoughts and prayers are with her. AMEN

  6. ((((Oh! Amy!))))  Contracts should be dealt with in the same way as in Scotland.  There your verbal word is a legal agreement.  This does take the biscuit angel...but who knows?   There's still a hope.   If other's have opted out might this family.  All the best.  Praying for a good result for you.   Jeanie  xx

  7. I am with everyone else.  If this house is meant for you, the other contract will fall through.  If it doesn't, it wasn't meant for you.  Your house is out there.  Hang in there.

    Dear Heavenly Father,

    You know what Amy and her family have gone through having to live so cramped up with her mother.  I pray if this house is meant for their family, the other contract will fall through for whatever reason.  If you have something better for their family, please let them find it SOON for Amy's well being.  In your name we ask these things.  AMEN.



  8. Oh that is soooo depressing.  Good luck on the next one.

  9. !!??!!WTF???!!!
    Shoulders up, girl...there's another house out there.
    Big Hug,

  10. Hang on hon! In all honesty the idiot realtor should of know there was already a contract on the house. In a few months I'm going to be in the same boat you are, house hunting and I am not looking forward to it. I just want some big open space, with no sigh.....neighbors like what I'm dealing with now. (Hugs) Indigo

  11. Hey,

    This comment is not about this entry it is about the part at the top of the page where u said "How did I get here?". If u mean how u got on this earth, why u are where u r then I have a little bit of Info for u that u maybe interested in. I am a Christian and I believe I was made my God and now u are going to say "No, u came from ur mother's womb!" Well that is how my flesh got here, so....yes and no. All men and women are put in there place by God (and if u are wonder, I am talking about God as in Jesus and the gospel) and they have a purpose where they are, it would take me a book to explain everything to u but if i have interest u even a little (and 1 more thing if u feel someing pulling at ur heart it just might be Jesus who wants u to follow Him) I would advise u to go to a non-denamanational (spelling) church like Church of Christ or something like that.

    From a sister in Christ,

    P.S. We are all from Adam and Eve so we are all family, you need to go to a church to find out more. Now u r saying "If we are all Family then why aren't the children weird?" It is b/c We are so many branches apart.

    P.S. 2. If u are having moving trouble I suggest is that someone wants you to somewhere in a hurry.

  12. Uh, wow.  Yeah, you go, Christ-girl with your text-message-style writing.  Good for you.

    Amy, I'll do that Tarot reading once the kidlets are in bed.

    Bright Blessings, punkin.

  13. I hope it doesnt go through so it becomes available for you:)

  14. What a shame!

  15. Well the Xtians seem to have all the answers!!  Go read the whole bible,  spit on a homeless immigrant, buy a ribbon magnet, beat up a gay teen and vote republican -- THEN you'll get a house.  Bomb a Planned Parenthood clinic for good measure.  I swear.  Where do these freaks come from???

    I'm sorry you're going through this.  I think you're getting closer to the dream WILL happen.  Just don't go all 'religious nut' on me.  PLEASE?


  16. Bummer! I hate when stuff like that happens.
    Have some Marmite on toast and Chill out.

  17. seraphoflove9001May 5, 2007 at 7:30 AM

    I'm so sorry about the house and hope the contract falls through... and I'd like to comment on a comment if you don't mind....I just can't believe that "if you go to church" you'll find a house and everything will be all peaches and cream from then on! LOL I agree with Russ...don't do it!!! And can anyone get a tarot reading?
    More people should have an open mind and relax......your dream house will come to you. :o)

  18. Hang in there.  You must be so dispondant at this point.  At this rate, maybe you should build.


  19. My fingers are crossed for you.

  20. oh no...sorry to read about that bummer news. but who knows? maybe that contract might fall through, if the house is meant for you, it'll be there.
    Gem :-)

  21. That's terrible!... I did not know it was so difficult to buy!

  22. OMG, what an incredible bummer. I do not know how you are managing to stay ever close to sane. Margo


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